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Steal From: Leaf Bat. Steal From: Flora Mantis, Hippo. Collector’s Book Location: Climb the ladder in Rita’s house and examine the books. Monster Book Location: Received automatically. Sorcerer’s Ring Lv.

Moon Selector Location: Synthesis. Special Flag Location: Synthesis and as a drop from Tison. Special Flag R Location: Synthesis. Prison Key Location: Received automatically.

Wonder Log Location: Received automatically. Passport Location: Received automatically. Luluria Petal Location: Received automatically. Panacea Bottle Location: Received automatically during the synthesis tutorial. Small Wolf Key Location: Received automatically.

Small Key Location: Received automatically. Lux Blastia Location: Received automatically. Aque Blastia Core Location: Received automatically. Red Box Location: Received automatically. I don’t think an honest review can deny that an initial learning curve is present, but it’s nothing insurmountable. And once you’ve gotten the combat system under control, the fun, variety, and experience of the game really take off.

Also, the initial difficulty isn’t terrible and really serves to keep things interesting – and to keep you switching up your party. If the game never presented an obstacle for team X, then that would be serious complaint against the game.

As it is, some character excel early and some excel late – Yuri being exceptional in that he is viable throughout. Some of the music is pretty bad for my taste. It’s not the worst around, but after my first play through I found myself putting on my own music. Overall, Tales of Vesperia is a great game 4. If you like the genre, then you should definitely check it out. If you have more broad taste concerning RPGs, there is a lot to like here – but you might also be annoyed by certain aspects of the game perhaps, try the demo first.

At the current price, if you’re remotely interested it’s worth checking out. One person found this helpful. I am years behind on this review but I felt like I should write one, mainly because every other game review I seem to produce on Amazon is either bad or merely decent. Sadly, there isn’t a large selection for the Xbox so it didn’t take me long to find competition between a few titles.

I won’t list any other possible selections because I haven’t played them, although it should be noted that there are some other RPGs and even JRPGs out there with good or very good reviews as well as you can see Tales has very good reviews here.

One of the first things that really appealed to me about Tales is the beautifully crafted artwork. As others have mentioned, the game consists of cell shading, and while the graphics are relatively simple, they remain very vibrant and fun to view. I found the villages very comforting, and even the dungeon-type landscapes were still nice to look at.

Also, I thought the camera angles were original and made the experience unique. For example, while running down a stairway, the camera will sometimes follow right behind you, so you really gain a depth of perception into the setting.

The music was also enjoyable. It has been years now since I played it but I still find that I remember many of the tracks. It was also nice on my surround system because some of the background effects such as running water or blowing wind were truly surround.

Audio is one of the biggest aspects for a game to me and Tales does well in this department, albeit they also play it relatively safe. Although there is a large open world with a traditional world map, I did find the game in general as relatively linear. Not in pacing or completing missions or the storyline, but in the layouts of platforms and dungeons and paths. What I mean is, everywhere you encounter enemies other than the world map is a bunch of small paths in which you take them left or right, up or down.

This effect is more easily experienced than explained. However, due to the beauty of the landscapes, I was able to look past this flaw for the most part. While the villages and environments are beautifully stunning, I found that most of the large cities were not quite as explorable as I had wished.

You may enter a few buildings and participate in a few side quests, but for the most part the huge metropolises are pretty much inaccessible for you. While some games I feel present TOO much to explore and other areas of the game suffer for this, I feel as though Tales of Vesperia was shortcoming in variety and being able to really become a part of the settings in which you explore.

Sure, there are minute side quests and interactions with NPCs, but I feel that there could have been much more. Well, Tales offers an island in the game much like it, and really, it is more or less an equivalent to the Gold Saucer. While the graphics may have improved, the overall immersion in the environments was little or not improved from a decade prior. I did, however, become addicted to playing the poker on the island, and it is also a great way to make money in the game.

The fighting is somewhat dissimilar from traditional RPGs in that it is not turn based, and you have the ability to run around a three-dimensional sphere as a combat area. While it is relatively primitive, the battles are rather fun. I like the option of being able to put the other party members on auto, so your healers and magic casters will stand in the back of the battle hopefully! There are “fatal strikes”, which are basically death-blows and they are the most fun thing in the combat to me.

And throughout the game, including boss battles, I felt as though the battles were hard enough to be competitive but not horribly unfair. I rather enjoyed fighting many of the big monster bosses, which often were completely optional for the player. I think the biggest drawback to Tales of Vesperia is the story. It is only good enough to keep you playing, and actually many of the other perks in the game such as the fighting and artwork probably kept me playing more so than the storyline.

And this is an RPG we’re talking about. While I rather enjoyed all of the characters even Karol! All of the ideas that I had in my head about how the game would end came crashing to a halt when I finally completed the game.

I think I was looking for more of a dialogue between my characters of which I’d come to love, and in that department Tales pretty much let me down. There are other aspects in the game such as cooking, fighting in arenas or finding rare collectibles that were enjoyable, but again they were pretty much tertiary and did not leave me with a feeling of accomplishment.

Cooking for example could have developed into something really fun and novel, but in the end it was kind of a letdown. Overall, I still rate this game at over four stars. If you enjoy RPGs that are aesthetically pleasing and traditional, Tales of Vesperia is a great choice for you. I actually traded my game in and I wish that I had kept it now, if only to jump on every once in a while and listen to the soundtrack and fight some battles. Namco did a great job with this title and I would look forward to another in the future, as long as the storyline comes off as a little more compelling.

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Vesperia collectors book free


Page 1 of 2 – Next Page. Try collecting every item and complete the vesperiia Collect vesperia collectors book free data to complete the book! Capable of distributing aer to targets. Capable of making physical impact. More powerful and can now crush rocks. Enhanced and can now shoot flames. Increases speed colkectors vesperia collectors book free in a hurry.

It won’t give you an extra life. It really won’t give you an extra life. Allows you to assign another set of artes. Ragou collects them. The word “Light” is written on it. The word “Sky” is written on it. The word “Sphere” is written vesperia collectors book free it. Trace your footsteps! The locations can be erased. It gives off a bad stench when burned.

It looks bad, but is a useful medicine. A precious petal from the mayor of Halure. It’s surprisingly detailed. What a waste of talent Vseperia picture of wolf is engraved on it. Which door does it open? Keep it full of aer to continue using it. We finally got it страница Just a plain ol’ marble, but it means more than the world to me.

There must be something important inside Let’s bring it to the “wise one”. Little is known about it. Press to call Ba’ul on the world map. The color and sharpness change depending on the owner. It fell off the pedestal for some reason. It needs to be returned to its original place.

It has ridges on its sides collectorw if it connects to something Usable in battle freee Gald Maris Gemma A vesperia collectors book free owned by a wandering undead warrior. Designed with an exquisite coral pattern. The ulimate weapon of Vesperia collectors book free Vesperia.

The ultimate weapon of Brave Collctors. Who is worthy of receiving the kiss of victory!? It’s a rip vesperria Having продолжить much fun could be tough on a Monday! It enhances Over Limits! Enhances Over Limits! The story of a traveler and the spirit that vesperla in his ring. The story vesperiq reclaiming one’s home with a loud voice.

The story of a child of god who saved the world from disaster. The story of a priestess who waited for vesperia collectors book free lover to rescue her from a tower. The story of one who rode a Pegasus to rescue a goddess.

The story of a car that collected flags and blinded opponents. The story of a cop that vesperia collectors book free after thieves to recover stolen treasures.

The story vesperia collectors book free a runner who avoided all the traps, despite being hurt. The story of a warrior who vesperia collectors book free evil creatures in an underground fortress. It was owned by the great Krityan guide. An awesome machine! Also known as the legendary white knife. Mentions the method for processing the Everlight Stone Red stands for passion! It also attracts bulls Very difficult to process.

Very bitter and has no effects on humans. You can count on your friends no matter how far apart you are. Their big glassy eyes are so darn cute! Very vesperia collectors book free, so you узнать больше want to cut your hands with it. Maybe that certain someone will like these too? Represents a strong friendship. Claw A challenge from Gauche and Droite.

It’s worth a vespreia, but don’t sell it! Written about future deals between the two guilds. It brings vfsperia a bittersweet memory. Use it to mark your place in a novel. Blades A challenge from Tison and Nan. It could crush a stone. It came from another world. Handy in lighting the dark rooms of Baction. It details her ссылка на страницу from birth in Trim to becoming a collecyors master.

A record of urban planning. Contains various folklore of Kogorh. Can be a cold medicine if processed. Not strong enough as a weapon but is said to bring good luck. Turn vesperia collectors book free to stone if inhaled. Covered in a eplan price in india free download pattern and used as an ornament.

Looks like a stone but there colldctors gems inside. You can fly if you collect a lot of these. Used in earrings and bags. It appears to be man-made, vesperiw is formed naturally. Bears can seem cute, but these fearsome teeth can chomp through anything. It’s as hard as any gem. It’s not very common, so it has no set value.

A sign of strength and ability. Barbos holds the master key. She always carries this with her. Made of gold, but you’ll be caught if you try to use it. Highly-valued, but Raven won’t soon part with it. Said to increase aer conductivity. It’s vespreia show больше информации we’re promoting the guild? I wonder where it leads? Made of a very simple design. I said, “NO!


Vesperia collectors book free

Filling the collector’s book takes a full playthrough and at the very least the start of an EX New Game. Make sure to do every side-quest in. It’s a collection of information for all the 1, Items of the game, and you need to complete it to get one achievement and one Title for Estelle. Hide ads. — Dive into the Definitive version of this game with updated full HD graphics, brand-new music tracks, exciting mini-games, bosses, and a collection of.


Vesperia collectors book free

My question is, can I give Giovanni my collectors book BEFORE the 4 spirits are born (which is probably what happened)? Im confident I have well over 50%. Frequently bought together · This item: Tales of Vesperia – Xbox by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment. $ Get it as soon as Monday, Jun 20 FREE Shipping on. A book to record items you’ve obtained. Try collecting every item and complete the book! A free ticket to “The Happy Paradise”.

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