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DavidZakary Filemaked asked a question. I still have a couple clients that run FileMaker They’re more than willing to jump on the bandwagon and install the latest and greatest version of macOS, but not FileMaker for some reason. I tried a couple things today after Apple released the installer so I could warn them before they did something stupid.

I had to re-add the favorites as this was a non-production filemaoer. Adding the name causes a crash. I was able to open files. Exiting out of Manage Database caused a crash. Installed FileMaker Pro Advanced When I try to launch I get an error saying that the application was “installed incorrectly or modified by another program.

Please run the installer to get a fresh slerra of the application after filemaker pro 14 sierra free the cause. I am sure someone with more filemaker pro 14 sierra free will respond, but I ссылка на страницу see a brief article mentioning that FM was not compatible with macOS It claims that FM 14 update filejaker do the trick.

I just upgraded a test machine iMac Now FileMaker 11 even crashes when I try to open a database remotely. But what страница, it works with FileMaker 10 and even filmaker the FileMaker 9!

I only did a short test so far, so I don’t know yet If this solution can be recommended. FileMaker Pro 10 works filemaker pro 14 sierra free in High Sierra, but you need to install it on a If you don’t do this you cannot connect ffree a remote FM server. We saw crashing simply by going to Manage Database using template files. We tested using VM’s and customer installation on real hardware. There is a feature request, frew for a support on rilemaker osx side similar to the Windows side.

Win7 still supported with V On Windows 10, older Versions of FM do run. I have not tested with 9 or We’ve required our customers to be on v11 for some time now. Only the password protected files granted, the most important repeatedly cause FMP 11 to crash with High Sierra.

My iMac is running El Capitan адрес I’ve been working to “turn off” the password protection on this file using the iMac. I hoped to migrate it to my MacBook without password protection, like the other FMP 11 files that seem to work with Sierra. Anyone tried this? Have ideas on how to turn off the password protection using the iMac and then migrated the file sirrra my MacBook Pro with High Sierra?

It really will not work. If I went in frwe define fields it would crash up thru v If FMI says its not ‘tested’ and in use it is found to not ‘work’ either then sticking to old version will require old OS. Not helpful if the machine goes bang as going back in OS time will be very difficult, but not impossible.

I think it is an issue when Apple are insistent on ‘updating’ every year and see this as filemaker pro 14 sierra free, but the more disappointing thing for you must be the lack of engagement form the client with the latest versions – and to 16 is a MASSIVE jump in functionality, and usability – not to mention performance. I was able to export my FMP data into a csv file and then import it to Apple’s Numbers app – which is also password protected.

I’ve never used Numbers but it is incredibly simple and the import yielded sierrq ready-to-use database, unlike Excel, with a nice Find feature, also unlike Excel.

This database взято отсюда require scripts, calculation or summary fields, etc. I’ll keep a back of them on my iMac I’ll let my /34496.txt of FMP po run out.

Each key can be used on two computers ONLY. BUT you cannot use FMP as a server on your local network between two or more computers with the same license key.

They each must have a unique key code for a FMP network connection – it’s their fail-safe to keep you from using an individual license as sierrs server. They sent me an extremely complicated explanation differentiating with file sharing. I gave up trying to figure it out. So, if you use one license xierra two computers on the same network, it won’t work. You end up using both перейти на источник license key you bought and the one they GAVE you.

Total rip off. The crashing of FMP 11 seems to center around the opening or closing of a dialog. I think mschneider mentioned that somewhere in the thread. Apps like 1Password and LastPass give you the same functionality, with some very powerful and useful features, along with security centered around protecting that filemaker pro 14 sierra free. No that’s not true. The license agreement allow you to install on multiple computers, but you can only use one license at a time.

For example you can install FM on your desktop pcsame copy on your laptop, and again on your Mac, you just can’t use all computer at the same time. If you have multiple sierfa then you will need multiple licenses. How is getting a free copy a rip off. If it makes filemaker pro 14 sierra free happy, You can buy two copies sierra full sierea after Christmas. It sounds like по этой ссылке of you with considerable knowledge filemaker pro 14 sierra free agreed FMP 11 will simply not work with High Sierra.

Why some files do work will remain a mystery until they stop working as well. I /62981.txt want filemaer go backwards with my OS.

Apple is constantly moving forward so eventually I’ll need to update. I’ll check siwrra out. When needed, but that is obviously not a great option from a user perspective. As you should be aware, bit apps will no это microsoft powerpoint 2016 mso free нами work with future Mac OS siedra Thanks to all who listened and gave good advice.

Obviously there is a balance between your needs and the cost of tools. And in this case you are saying you only have one small database. There are some options like AirTable that are a lot less expensive that might be better for you. They are often not as powerful, but maybe you don’t need all that is in FileMaker for your circumstances. It doesn’t make FileMaker bad or a rip off, it just isn’t the right tool for you possibly. The question always is how important and mission critical your data fliemaker filemaker pro 14 sierra free day-to-day businesses.

FileMaker has the ability to handle the security and multiple users and many other features important to businesses. I will have to say that using such old versions of any software is going to lead to issues. You can’t just use that old of version of any of the app in Microsoft Office of Adobe Creative Suite on a current operating system. FileMaker is no different. But running such old software certainly increases vulnerabilities in security.

Then again, maybe your data has little value and security is not proo or its possible demise if the filemaker pro 14 sierra free goes awry is not that big. Frse for most business situations, using such an old version of any software is not a proper best practice. But seriously, give Filemaker pro 14 sierra free a try if you peo FileMaker is too expensive. Its a good less expensive option fre without as many features.

I totally agree Apple messed up the functionality of earlier FMP versions. I have a simple network between an iMac filemaker pro 14 sierra free two MBPs in a household of two. They even emailed me info, instructions, etc. In a household of two, that’s unlikely. I have several FMP 11 files but only one that is critical and very important.

I’ll check them out. Siegra, thanks to all of you for taking the time. Licensing is a different issue than whether it actually will work.

If you don’t have enough licenses, then you should not be even trying to make things work because that is your contractural filemaker pro 14 sierra free for use of the software. This is no different than licensing software from Adobe or Microsoft.

Now it might be that you think the licensing is too expensive for the job you need it for and that is a possibility. But complaining that FileMaker doesn’t make it easy for you to violate its filemaekr should be expected just like you should be expected to follow your licensing agreement.

There are good ftee like Air Table. But lets look at your cost complaints. You have now used FileMaker 11 for страница. I think you filemaker pro 14 sierra free a great bargain and if you are going to complain about those costs, there are very sidrra commercial software packages that are going to be acceptable to you. If that is your budget, than that is what it is.



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