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Tugas kamu adalah membuat Vito Scalleta menjadi mafia kelas kakap yang memiliki geng sendiri. Game Open World yang sangat legendaris ini masih bisa kamu jalankan pada Laptop atau PC dengan spesifikasi yang pas-pasan.

Sayangnya, meski kamu dapat menikmati story yang menarik dan gamelay yang seru, namun jangan berharap untuk memainkan game ini dengan tingkat grafis yang paling tinggi saat menggunakan laptop atau Laptop atau PC dengan RAM 4 GB tersebut. Game yang dapat kalian mainkan secara online bersama teman-teman ini menampilkan sensasi survival yang begitu unik. Karena itulah, game dengan grafis 2D dengan dunia 3D ini begitu seru untuk dimainkan bersama teman-teman.

Selain itu, game ini hanya membutuhkan kartu grafis MB saja. Stardew Valley memiliki perpaduan cerita antara simulasi perkebunan dan juga kehidupan.

Minecraft merupakan game yang tak hanya seru dimainkan oleh anak-anak saja namun juga oleh para orang dewasa. Undertale menghadirkan alur cerita, soundtrack, dan juga karakter yang begitu menarik sehingga kamu akan merasakan keseruan tersendiri saat memainkan game ini. Bagi kalian yang menyukai game survival horor, game Outlast dan Outlast 2 bisa jadi pilihan menarik.

Dua game ini dijamin bakal membuat banyak orang merasa ketakutan sekaligus merasa ketagihan untuk memainkannya. Perpaduan simulasi perkebunan dan kehidupan. Game ini mengusung story yang mendalam dan gameplay yang tak ada habisnya. Namun awas, sekali main bikin nagih. Game dengan kisah cerita sangat mendalam, soundtrack terbaik, dan percabangan cerita yang beragam, tidak ketinggalan karakter yang memorable.

Lagi-lagi game 2D pixalated yang jalan di PC kentang. Mewakili genre survival horor, ada game PC Outlast yang sangat populer bikin orang ketakutan. Baik Outlast pertama maupun Outlast 2 tidak butuh spesifikasi PC tinggi.

Salah satu Far Cry dengan cerita terbaik, dan sosok penjahat paling mengagumkan. Saat diluncurkan, game ini juga jadi standar benchmark PC di masanya.

You will get to fight with modern weapons, grenades, RPG and you will even get to fly a glider, and helicopter and a lot more. For the FPS gamers out there who love intense gunfights and strategic missions let me represent you COD MW 3 which the benchmark of the actual shooter game. Choose your difficulty level and enjoy killing enemies with your gun, nothing is more fun than this in a hot summer day locked in quarantine. I suppose you are already a PC gamer of some sort and If you are one, there is no way you are not familiar with the counter strike games.

It is just not possible. Well, this one is the latest CS game and is currently it is free to play on steam and with millions of online players which means that you won’t need to wait decades to join a lobby. Only recommended for gamers with good aiming skills. Unless you won’t last 30 seconds in a match. Agent 47, the bald guy with bar codes on his neck is the badass hero for this game, who is commonly seen using his famous double silenced pistols.

If you love stealthy games and like to kill enemies without letting them know you were there- then this one is definitely for you. I honestly don’t. Halo 1 Halo Combat Evolved.

It is a fascinating game released on 15 November In this game, you will be a soldier and you will have to fight against aliens. It is awarded as the fourth-best shooter 3D game at that time. The game features many fantastic options where the character can move around. They have different new, futuristic, and latest vehicles available, which can be controlled by players. The Player would be able to identify and detect if any alien, vehicles, or object comes near to the Player. One of the essential features in the game is the health shield, which decreases if he gets damage while fight with his enemies and increases automatically when the Player goes away with the fight.

Max Payne 1, 2, 3. This game is created by Rockstar, and this is an exciting game. You have a character in this game named Max, and he is taking the death revenge of his wife and child. This is a mission game, and you get to see extreme action in this game. It will run your PC without any problem. Gameplay- Complete the missions and kill opponents with a massive collection of guns.

The Total Overdose is a nostalgic game built ever. This game is all about the Ram Cruz. A well known Mafia Don killed the father of Ram. Ram has to take revenge for the murder of his father. This game is a shooting game with a lot of action and a lot of other features that make this game favorite for everyone. The best stuff about this game is that the gangs are trying to stop Ram from reaching his goals to find the murder of his father. Don lives in Mexico.


15 Best PC Games for 4GB ram i3 in .15 Awesome Games For 4GB RAM PC: 4GB RAM Games

20 Best Games For 4GB RAM PC · Grand Theft Auto: Vice City · Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas · Counter-Strike: Global Offensive · Max Payne · Sniper. 4GB RAM Game List: Games that you play on the PC with 4GB RAM () · Far Cry 3 · Far Cry 4 · Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 4 · PES · Mafia II · Mafia III.


Download game pc ram 4gb

Pv section transports gamers to Italy during their renaissance period. Keep in mind you need to change download game pc ram 4gb graphic and other settings in the game to maximize the performance and results in each of the games. Players can revive teammates if anyone goes down before finally getting finished off by the zombies.


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