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The Benbox Software for your Laser Engraver. A detailed getting started page. – EnduranceLasers – Introduction: Benbox With Eleks Laser Engraver (GearBest /Banggood)

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If you have already assembled your Eleks Laser, skip down to the Software Instructions step. Please see the above Instructable for the hardware construction details. There are several videos and tutorials on building the Eleks Laser, particularly the GearBest and Banggood models. But most lack details, particularly with the software setup. The Instructable above has the details, but I found these items as I went thru the steps in their tutorial.

Use a 3cm bolt, acrylic mount, plastic eindows, washer, bearing, washer, nut for each bearing assembly. The kit included two fod guide covers to route the wires along the outside frame, but you have to install the wires BEFORE you assemble the steppers onto the frame. Install the center laser head belt first. Use the 1. Do not cut the belt until you have it adjusted. Feed the entire belt thru the second acrylic fastener. Tighten fastener and slide the stepper assembly up and down gor rail. It should travel smoothly and the belt should stay tense on the stepper gear.

When ready to cut, leave at least a half inch or so sticking out of the acrylic fasteners so you benbox for windows 10 adjust tension. Mount the controller using long bolt, acrylic sony vegas pro 12 initializing gpu-accelerated download, plastic spacer, circuit board, metal standoff. Place the red caps into the two holes of the black plastic cover. The caps do not need to attach to the buttons but can rest on top of them.

Not used by the laser. The below software packages currently appear to be the same versions. A From the GearBest web store microsoft office professional 2016 kmspico free download. B Benbox for windows 10 From the Banggood web store :.

But, the Driver. It is NOT opening your router firewall to the Internet. No продолжение здесь unless your PC is sitting directly on the Public Internet i. It has also been suggested that you set the program to Run As Administrator: Right click the Benbox Icon, select Properties, click Compatibility tab, and select Run больше информации program as benbox for windows 10 Administrator.

Note: this seems to only affect certain installations of benbox. I suspect related to what your security level for your user id benbox for windows 10. But setting it on appears ok. Leave the 12v power OFF initially. Not needed for winodws initial setup. Next, select the Menu icon the icon with the 3 horizontal bars and select the Serial Port for your laser. If you do not see your Laser’s COM port, even after unplugging and re-plugging, then your Firewall may be blocking the “laserdaemon.

Be sure your Benbox for windows 10 engraver is plugged in benbox for windows 10 power and USB. Leave the 12v power button OFF. Start Benbox again. Note that some commands are not available blacked out on screenshot. Specifically, Laser Intensity is not avail.

It is always Max. Use Engraving Speed and Burning Time to control. Draw a straight line an “inch” or two on your screen using the green drawing tool bar on the left.

This is just for a quick test. To erase, right-click to cancel drawing mode then left mouse drag over your line to select and hit Delete key.

You will burn your tabletop or desk otherwise! Turn on the Power push button on the Eleks controller board see the wiring diagram benbox for windows 10. Focus the Laser by pressing the Weak Laser button on the controller and adjust for sharp beam.

It will be a tiny pinpoint when focused. Do NOT leave the Weak laser button depressed for more than 30 seconds.

I found that I could turn it off and the laser still glowed. Once windkws, I turned benbox for windows 10 the Power button to get it to stop lasing. Click the Green Play button. The Laser should turn on and burn a line then turn off. Look in the upper right corner for a tiny blue box. You may need to move winodws image down a bit.

Click on the tiny blue box. A screen will open that allows you to invert, mirror, or alter eindows. Note that once you apply a change, the Cancel or X buttons don’t revert the image.

You have to just reload the image back to step 1 above. Resizing images by dragging is possible, but not very clean. Its best to resize your images using a graphics program and then load them. These Laser Engravers are relatively inexpensive, but they do require time and effort, so many things can go wrong. This forum is very active and will be happy to assist you with specific questions. By using the forum’s Search function, you will probably find others that have answered the same question.

They also have other software products besides the BenBox program. Question 1 year ago on Step 7. Hi, I don’t submit the rule benbox for windows 10.

I like burn a bigger picture, but the benbox Rule is very short. Question 4 years ago. Got one of these yesterday and set it all up before bed. I loaded grbl 1. I suggest this solution to most, as in my opinion, it’s much much more straightforward than the benbox software.

All i had to do from there was calibrate step resolution and such. However, I’m wondering if you or any other users windowa found a clever solution for cable management. With this size envelope 60x50mmthe gantry will get to the far side of the area, bringing the wires bundled up ONTO the etch area then will come back and адрес wires remain there.

In most bennbox the wires will likely move out of the way but I can easily imagine scenarios where the laser will pass over the wires. I’ve though of two solutions that im not particularly fond of. The first being those retractable keychains that allow you to pull on a string that auto retracts If i attach one end to the wire somewhere and the other end to the top of the gantry or near the arduino, I’m imagining it would pull the wires out of the lasers Line of Sight but provide small enough resistence for benvox low torque motors to handle windiws when pulled on.

Answer 1 year ago. This is grid hanger wire about 10 gauge ceiling grid support wire I have shaped into a short spring for the laser wires to rest on. Do not secure узнать больше здесь. Bend a “V” notch where the wires need to slide at and a j-hook to keep them from falling off. Reply 1 year ago. Use extra nut and screws. Answer 4 years ago. Hello guys, even i tried to do this CNC laser engraving machine using Arduino, but the main problem i am faceing is benbox for windows 10 Y axis is working but X axis is not not working.

Please can anyone suggest me any solutions for 100. Question 2 years ago. Benbox for windows 10 am using по этому сообщению uno with cnc sheild 3. And i using 5v relay and 1 w laser. But in high trigger mode, laser power is less than one watt. How benbox for windows 10 i fix iy. Question 3 years ago on Step 1. Hello, i use Rhinoceros 3d Rhino 6 3d and i work in cm, but i have the problem that when i export file to benbox is little and no original dimension, how i can fix it?

Hope can help. Question 3 years ago on Step 8. Reply 3 years ago. Hi there, I downloaded benbox and installed drivers.

Howver, i get a script error message when Benbox for windows 10 try to communicate with the unit. I bought a chinese cheapy and it looks like the eleks A5.


Free benbox software for window 10 Download – benbox software for window 10 for Windows.Benbox With Eleks Laser Engraver (GearBest /Banggood) : 11 Steps – Instructables


All video are free for Endurance customers. We have more than video guidance and tutorials. Everything you need for your laser module, laser cutting and laser engraving. Place an order for an engraving machine now! Firmware for Benbox software.

Extra bonus to your order! Enter your email and get a discount. The offer will disappear in Sign me up for the newsletter! Get an individual offer now Just leave your contacts.. Write your questions or ideas here. Exact matches only. Search in title. Search in content. Search in excerpt. Get a special price! Got a question? Ask our experts and we will help you! If so, please fill in the form, and we will help you with advanced solutions from Endurance.

An Endurance laser lens pack. Buy now! Intensity — maximal laser power for our lasers Short pulse can be used to determine the exact laser location. At the first start it is necessary to connect the machine and adjust the machine settings. To do this, we open the side menu in the top right-hand corner. Open a dropdown list. Select a port. Low light minimal power — the setting of the lightest spot in the image.

Intensity maximal power — the setting of the darkest spot in the image. Time — duration of the laser exposure per spot.

Number — number of laser passes. The program control is user-friendly. All the tools and settings are displayed on the main screen.

You will only have to change the speed and set up the minimal and maximal power for grayscale engraving. As for the work with raster images, it should be pointed out that this software version 3. But there is no option of image processing, particularly, to adjust brightness and contrast.

The engraved image may not look exactly like the computer original. Some materials require converted image engraving. Anodized aluminum is an example. Image conversion is necessary for those materials, on which the laser trace is white. To make it clear: when hitting black anodized aluminum the laser beam burns away the paint exposing the metal beyond it. That is why laser engravings on anodized aluminum are white. Work with vector images. In the program version as of November , it appears impossible to work with vector.

After import, they are presented on screen incorrectly, and the engraving start fails. Below, there are screenshots of the same file in BenBox and in CorelDraw. More Epson Software Updater 4. More avast! Free Antivirus Free Antivirus is not only the best free antivirus product in the world, it may be the best antivirus product — free or paid.

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Do not stick your fingernail under beam… it WILL bore a tiny hole thru! It requires Administrator benbox for windows 10 install. In Step 6: Wineows Assembly Install больше на странице center laser head belt first. Russell Grokett. It is possible to fix a pencil in this constructor and draw with a pencil. Treat this like an Arc Welder with sparks flying all over the room!


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