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Amazon’s Choice for “feeder rods”. Get it Sunday, Dec Arrives before Christmas. Get it Monday, Dec 19 – Wednesday, Dec Small Business. Learn more. Get it Monday, Dec Get it Wednesday, Dec FREE Delivery. Korum Phase 1 10ft Feeder Rod. Middy Battlezone 9′ Feeder Rod 2pc. Get it Saturday, Dec Get it Saturday, Dec 17 – Monday, Dec Get it Friday, Dec 16 – Saturday, Dec Preston Ignition 9ft Carp Feeder.

Get it Thursday, Dec 15 – Friday, Dec Small Business. Learn more. Get it Thursday, Sep 22 – Saturday, Sep Amazon’s Choice for “feeder rods”. Get it Sunday, Sep Get it Thursday, Sep Get it Friday, Sep Middy Battlezone 9′ Feeder Rod 2pc.

Get it Thursday, Sep 29 – Monday, Oct 3. Get it tomorrow, Sep Preston Ignition 10ft Carp Feeder. Get it Wednesday, Sep 21 – Thursday, Sep Westlake Feeder Arm, One Size. Lowest price in 30 days. Telescopic Fishing Rod – 2. Get it Wednesday, Sep Get it Friday, Sep 23 – Saturday, Sep Middy Quartix Feeder Rest Front Shakespeare – Firebird – 10ft Feeder Combo. For anglers wanting top quality spinning rods with a minimum of transportation length. Combine these rods with or size Shimano reels and you have a perfectly balanced, go any-where outfit.

With a transport length between 52 and 64cm, you will always find a place to stow your rod, wherever in the world you are traveling. Each rod can be fished at two different lengths making it easier to adapt to the fishing conditions you encounter whilst away from home.

This quartet of rods comprises two fixed spool and two baitcasting reel versions. The medium fast tip action is ideal for drop shot, vertical jigging and traditional smaller hard lures such as plugs, spinners and spoons. The single piece XT carbon blanks are incredibly thin and light, yet retain plenty of back bone to set the largest of single hook lure set ups.

The short split handle is made from EVA and cork, with carbon fibre effect cosmetics matched with gun metal grey anodised front and rear grip trims. EV The Bassterra EV is a great value range of rods with many quality features usually only found on more expensive rods. A high strength and durable blank, with low-down power and a sensitive tip, the Bassterra offers great versatility. A Shimano reel seat and quality single leg guides ensure that these models meet all expectations.

The most noticeable feature of this new range is the EVA camouflage handle which is practical, modern and sets this rod apart from the competition. We did not call this rod a Monster for nothing. Designed primarily for bottom fishing in both fresh and salt water, it can cope with just about all the abuse it is submitted to, from fish and angler alike.

The sensitive tip supports to feel lure action and the bites. With the powerful X-fast action you can react quickly to the bites and set the hook properly. With wide range of lengths and casting weights in soft bait rods there is no need to look further!

Beastmaster rods have always been famous for being virtually unbreakable and these models preserve this heritage thanks to the added bonus of Biofibre technology mixed with the XT60 blank. The blanks also feature Shimano Dynamic Response SDR which produces a better fishplaying action and a cork handle with screw down hood reel seat. The aim of the Yasei concept is to provide all anglers, of different abilities and disciplines, with a specifically designed rod for whatever their chosen style of lure fishing.

A rod range for specialists and special disciplines. No matter if you are a finesse expert targeting perch and trout, or a pike angler willing to cast large lures in order to catch your fish, you will find the right rod within the Yasei range. Dropshot, worm, vertical, hardbait, casting, creek, river and salt water models for trout, perch, asp, zander, pike or sea bass are all available.

Choose out of two ranges that vary in design white or red , features and price. The special blank, and the use of the Fuji K-Type Alconite guides, makes this rod look stunning and eliminates line tangling in the guides.

The parabolic progressive action allows you to feel the swimming action of the lure perfectly and has enough body to react firmly to a striking pike.

This action also reacts perfectly to powerful runs and head shaking of the biggest pike without hook pulls. Yasei Pike rods are designed to meet the requirements of modern pike anglers using the very latest methods. The rod is made with a special mix of HPC High Pressure Carbon plus Biofibre and the use of the special Fuji K-Type Alconite guides makes this rod look stunning and eliminates line tangling in the guides.

The range enables you to fish with all kinds of lures from smaller shallow runners to big deep running lures. The special progressive action transmits the action of the lure perfectly and has enough low down power to react firmly to a striking pike. This action also reacts perfectly to powerful runs and head-shaking of the biggest pike without hook pulls. Zander are notorious for dropping a deadbait extremely quickly if they feel resistance.

This soft, parabolic actioned rod minimizes the resistance and playing zander becomes a fantastic experience. This rod pairs up superbly with a size Baitrunner reel. The white mark below the tip guide indicates the bites. Perch will put up a fantastic scrap for their size, but many heavier rods are overpowering. The Yasei Perch makes sure you get the best fight from this extremely efficient predator and experience their fighting qualities like never before.

The white mark below the tip guide indicates lure action and bites. This aggressive freshwater predator is a wary fish that can require the angler to be able to cast small lures great distances.

The fast action, strong HPC blank allows you to cast with force to reach the hunting Asp, making this rod the ultimate tool for this hard fighting species. The 1 piece cm rod is excellent for boat fishing and the longer 2 piece cm and cm rods are best suited to bank fishing where longer casts are necessary. This fish tends to stay in shoals feeding on insects, shrimp, small fish and bottom organisms with its delicate mouth.

Typically a couple of nymphs are presented near the bottom and slowly jigged. The soft parabolic action of the Yasei Coregonus aids presentation and prevents hooks pulls when the fish is being played.

This lightweight rod series is perfect for fast fishing with small lures and spinners up to a size 3, for long periods of time. In competitions fish tend to get wary, start moving from the bank and become difficult to catch. Fishing with finer lines gives you the advantage of casting further and more accurately covering more water than your opponent. The sensitive tubular tip will detect the smallest of bites and absorb the pressure safely when using the fines lines.

Using a combination of HPC and Biofibre, the weight of the rod is dramatically reduced without cutting down on the overall strength. The addition of micro Fuji Alconite K-type guides make sure that this rod remains extremely well balanced and also avoids unnecessary tangles that can often occur when using light braided reel lines. Balance weights are also included so that this rod can be fine tuned to sit perfectly in the hand with whichever reel you choose. This rod is built on a HPC plus Biofibre blank, allowing it to jig softbaits with ease thanks to the responsive action.

The g version is best suited to regular sized softbaits and the g rod is designed to cope with much larger softbaits when the pike after feeding on larger prey. Fuji Alconite K-type guides avoid line tangling and minimize the chance of cracking off. Its Power Cork grip is durable and will not age, meaning that this rod will stay in great condition for much longer. The action is progressive with a softer butt to eliminate the risk of breaking your rod when fighting the fish close by.

The metal ring on the butt cap enables you to secure the rod with a cord to your Kayak. The 2 models allow you to cast a wide range of lures to target freshwater predators, like perch, zander and pike.

The fast action also allows it to impart plenty of action into softbait lures to bring them to life. The rod range varies from 2. Finished with K-type guides, these rods are the ultimate bass fishing tool. The Yasei Monster is made to target bigger fish, from the bank or from the boat. The is made for boat fishing, while the has an extra heavy action for bank fishing.

The blank is made of the special mix of HPC carbon and Biofibre for improved balance and strength. With a 20 to 60 gram casting weight you can fish almost any traditional pike lure. Its short handle makes it easy to work the lures and you have more length in front to play the fish correctly.

This light action cm rod allows you to fish a wide variety of small lures and spinners for perch. The fast action of the Yasei Red Perch casts well and improves hook penetration, and the sensitive tip enhances lure action and increases the pleasure of the fight. Fishing for Aspius requires long distance casting to reach the often spooky fish. This fast action cm XT carbon blank allows you to cast with force and also copes with the aggressive strikes of the Asp.

The use of Fuji guides also improves casting performance. Zander will strike at a lure to eat and also from aggression. The Yasei Red Zander Lure is suitable for hard baits, soft baits or deep running wobblers.

Dead bait fishing for zander is a finesse fishing method. This soft parabolic rod minimizes the resistance when the zander takes the bait and also improves the playing experience. With this short, extra fast action rod you can jig close to the bank making it perfect for deep canals and inner city fishing. The Yasei Red Trout rod has a 5 to 20 gram casting weight suitable for a wide range of trout lures. Alternate between wobblers, spinners and spoons without having to change your rod.

The cm length, and fast progressive action, casts small lures well enabling you to reach trout if they are away from the bank. The Yasei Red Dropshot has a fast action with sensitive tip to register the smallest bites and allow the fish to take the bait with minimum resistance.

The cm length casts well and stays sensitive and balanced in the hand. The Yasei Red Dropshot is excellent to fish from the bank.

These rods are made to play with lures and the fast action brings lures to life with ease. Jerk, twitch and make stops to trigger the fish to strike, it is easy with the new Yasei Red Player.

The soft parabolic action of the Yasei Red Coregonus XT60 blank minimizes and absorbs the pressure on the fish during the fight, reducing hook pulls from its delicate small mouth. Supplied with two different quiver tips for excellent bite detection, the Yasei Red Coregonus offers a specialist rod at an attractive price.

Two lengths are available. The 2. AORI Inshore spinning for cuttlefish and squid is gaining massive popularity in Europe and the Yasei Red Aori has been designed for anglers wanting to join the trend.

Offering excellent value and performance, the range comprises seven rods with different lengths and casting actions to cover a wide range of lures. Tribal Carp Rods The range of Tribal carp rods has been developed in the UK to meet the demands of modern carp anglers and since their launch have become increasingly popular in Europe. Covering a wide variety of budgets and requirements, from the entry level Velocity through to the new Tribal TX-9, which is made from the latest carbon fibre technology and is fitted with Fuji K-type guides.

Below are some of the common features to be found on Tribal models. Any rod that bares the Intensity name is the result of fine tuning the blank in order to achieve the maximum possible casting distance performance. Components and areas of the blank have been stripped of weight to increase tip speed and recovery. Areas that receive critical amounts of pressure are strengthened to tolerate even the most aggressive casting techniques.

The result is a finely tuned casting machine. Pressure is applied to the blank when curing, forcing the resin through the carbon matrix evenly. This reduces weak spots and improves overall strength. Lightweight Anti-Wrap 16mm Silicone Carbide Tip guides are better for distance casting and fishing in weedy conditions. The reduced weight also improves tip recovery on the cast. Shimano Anti Wrap guides do not have a weld at the back of the frame. Ultra light 50mm Silicon Carbide guides are available on most Tribal carp, spod and marker rods.

A small abbreviation behind the reel seat locks the rod behind the rear rest ensuring it is not pulled in on a blistering take. Across the range certain rods are fitted with Tribal engraved stainless steel butt caps so that they look like new even after years of use. One of the slimmest, most powerful blanks ever made which improves casting performance without affecting the tip and middle section playing action required for maintaining a secure hook hold.

This delivers one of the slimmest, most powerful blanks ever made which improves casting performance without affecting the tip and middle section playing action required for maintaining a secure hook hold. Fitted with light yet highly robust Fuji SIC K-Type guides that are cosmetically matched to the rod in gun metal grey, the stand off 40mm butt ring looks understated, but is equal in performance to more bulky 50mm traditional type butt rings.

The slim full EVA handle is designed with an optimum length to deliver the best casting action in each length category. This cool satin cross hatch carbon effect continues up the low diameter butt section and well into the tip section.

There are three models in the range, all of which cover various carp angling situations; from fishing the margins through to fishing at extreme range. The Ultra has been constructed from a high quality HPC blank and finished with gloss black cosmetics. Tribal Intensity models have been fine tuned for maximum casting performance making them perfect for larger waters. The resin line clip stops any damage caused to the line and the Anti Wrap tip guide limits any problems on the cast.

Extremely responsive HPC blanks maximize casting distance. The 3K strengthening weave is also incorporated in the reel seat keeping weight to a minimum and offering the lightest blank possible combined with almost unbelievable power. A 3K strengthening weave has been incorporated to maximise strength. Actions differ, depending on the test curve, the 12ft 2.

A through action 10ft is specially designed for shorter distance casting. The fast action and soft tip makes the Tribal Floater the perfect rod for punching controllers extreme distances. The power in the butt of this floater rod also simplifies mending line and setting the hook at range. The 3K weave cosmetics match the Tribal rod range. Close quarter battles can be very severe experiences and a rod that bottoms out usually results in lost fish.

Having extra reserve power to use means you are always in control. This 4 piece rod is ideal for the opportunist angler.

The short transport length and rod case means that it can be stored made up in the boot of a car. The XT60 carbon blank has understated cosmetics, Shimano SiC guides, 3k strengthening carbon weave and a hook keeper for easy transport when stalking. The TX-Spod works with all spods, rockets and also the Spomb.

The Marker model has the casting power and sensitivity required for all marker work. The cosmetics match all of the rods in the Tribal family. CX Already one of the most talked about carp rods on the market, this ultra slim XT blank delivers incredible casting power for its price point. Add to the equation the mellow playing action and you have the perfect tool for all round carp situations, at a very competitive price.

There are 8 test curve options from 2lb -3lb including three 3 piece models. DX Alivio Specimen carp rods are designed for anglers on a small budget but feature many of the hallmarks of more expensive models including a protective line clip, a 40mm Shimano Hardlite butt guide and DPStype reel seat. Featuring great casting and playing actions, with cool looking understated cosmetics, the Alivio is perfect for two or three rod set ups without costing the earth.

There are 10 models to choose from including four 3 piece options and Marker and Spod rod options. Both models are multi-length and have great fish-playing actions. Ideal for keeping in the boot of your car for short sessions, both models are made with responsive, lightweight Low Resin Carbon LRC.

The multi-section design can be used at two lengths 1. Great things come in small packages and the TX Compact range of 4 piece carp rods is no exception. Even though the rods have four sections once assembled the actions are almost identical. The advantage of the compact version is in transit and enables the rod to be stored out of sight in the boot of the smallest cars. The TX Compact carp range has all of the correct attributes of modern carp rods, including the ever popular 50mm Shimano Hardlite butt ring.

C is a great example with its short transport length – ideal for traveling anglers. The six-section XT60 blanks enable these rods to be transported set-up in 2, 3 or even in 6 pieces.

Tackle has to be powerful and strong to cope with these massive fish and in the past anglers had to use sea fishing rods to cope with huge size.

Now, Shimano offers a full range of catfish rods, all designed and built to cope with the extreme pressure. Models are designed for bait fishing, lure fishing and boat fishing to suit all methods. Within the catfish range there are four Beastmaster models that use tough XT60 carbon with added Biofibre for amazing lightness and strength. All are fitted with ultra strong guides to cope with braid or mono lines. For occasional catfish anglers the Forcemaster AX Catfish offers great value and is available in three lengths to suit your preference.

Extending to 4. The Beastmaster Silurus Buoy is designed for fishing from a boat and can cope with weights of up to g. Nevertheless it is surprisingly light and has an astonishingly sensitive tip. Manufactured using XT60 and Biofibre, the Silurus Spinning will cast lures up to 7oz and has all of the power needed to control one of the hardest fighting freshwater fish in the world.

Ultra strong guides, an almost unbreakable blank and a heavy duty screw reel seat ensure this rod is the match of any catfish. The Forcemaster AX catfish is an impressive rod. The handling is powerful but it helps the Angler during the fight. In the length of 2. Also available in 3. The wrenching bite, the powerful fight and the sight of a magnificent fish in the net is great fun. In the UK many barbel rivers are quite small and light test curve rods will cope with almost anything you hook, but for larger rivers especially in Europe , you need more power and strength.

Barbel rivers often vary in pace from slow to very fast. Always use a quivertip that is stiff enough to cope with the flow, or fish with the standard top section with no quivertip. Barbel bites are nearly always fast and strong and spotting a bite is rarely a problem. For slower rivers the Classic CL barbel rods are fine, for larger more powerful rivers choose the Power P versions. Supplied with 3 separate push in quivertips and a 1. Constructed from a XT30 blank with a stylish cork handle, the Barbel Classic provides exceptional quality at a competitive price.

Alivio AX is available in both Classic and Power actions to cover all sizes of river and all sizes of barbel. Both are supplied with a traditional Avon-style top section plus a second carrier with three different strength quivertips. Constructed from XT30 carbon fitted with Shimano hardlite guides and reel seat, the classic has a 1.

The top-of-the-range Speedcast Match is built on ultra light blanks with soft forgiving tips that can cope with ultra fine lines and the smallest hooks. In the middle of the Shimano Match range is the new Aernos. Available in a traditional 3 section design, and also in a telescopic configuration, this new model looks and feels outstanding and will cover almost all float fishing methods for silver fish.

For value for money the Alivio CX Match has proven reliability and is perfect for new, inexperienced or occasional float fishermen. Whichever Shimano model you choose, you can be sure that Shimano match rods will always match your skill and requirements. Available in five models, the slim charcoal grey satin finish blanks are made from HPC carbon with added Biofibre and have sensitive forgiving tips blended with excellent fish-playing middle sections to cope with both small and medium sized match fish.

Fitted with top quality Fuji guides, the Speedcast comes in standard, fast action and specimen actions. With its no nonsense design, this new series of rods looks classy yet modern. The blanks are light and very responsive, without compromising on power. They perform extremely well when fishing for roach and various species of silverfish. The 4. Lightweight Shimano Hardlite guides add a touch of quality to the rod without adding unnecessary weight and the Shimano Custom reel seat sits comfortably in the hand.

Available in three lengths, there is something in the Beastmaster AX Match range to cater for all float fishing applications. The new Beastmaster AX Match has all of the hallmarks of a top quality match rod and offers superb performance. New in our match rods range for this season, the Aernos is an impressive introduction. It has all the features of a great match rod and its modern design, as well as matching cosmetics of our Aernos reels, is sure to be popular.

The cork grip feels good in the hand, the slim blanks are light and crisp and cast superbly. This is the telescopic version of the Aernos match, for easy storage and transportation. It comes in 4 models to suit a wide range of fishing applications and has an excellent action combined with superb balance.

Perfect for all float fishing methods. Built on a XT carbon blank with added Geofibre the responsive fast actioned blanks cast very well and offer excellent tip speed on the stike. Shimano Hardlite guides and a full cork handle with a ergonomic custom Shimano reel seat provide the Catana CX Float with all of the features expected of a high quality float rod.

A full cork handle and quality Shimano Hardlite guides makes the Vengeance AX Match an outstanding rod in its price range. The Shimano Alivio CX Match is the perfect rod to start fishing with as it is affordable, has a robust construction using XT30 carbon and Geofibre and a sensitive tip that absorbs sudden movements. With more fishing now taking place on waters stocked with carp, the Alivio CX Match is the perfect choice for young fishermen to practice their technique. The forgiving action reduces unexpected line breakages and adds to the fun of the fight, whilst the lightweight feel of the rods makes fishing for long periods more enjoyable.

Affordable, reliable and fun to use, Alivio CX Match is one of the best value for money rods available and will give many hours of fun for young and old alike. The entry level Alivio is produced from XT30 carbon with added Geofibre a material exclusive to Shimano.

This combination offers good all round casting and fish-playing performance, excellent balance and makes the Alivio Match easy to use, even for inexperienced anglers. For close to medium range feeder fishing up to 50 metres, the shorter Precision action models ensure your casts will land with pin-point accuracy.

For longer range fishing the Longcast action will send your feeder into the distance with ease, thanks to the extra power in the lower half of the rod and the increased length. Longcast rods also have large quivertip guides to reduce friction and prevent shock-leader knots from catching on the cast. Built using advanced HPCLRC carbon plus Biofibre, the Fireblood is slim, very light and extremely responsive making it perfect for top match anglers who want the best actions available.

The Fireblood Match range is perfectly balanced and covers almost all match fishing requirements perfectly. Top quality Fuji Alconite guides and Fuji DPS reel seats, combined with great fish-playing actions make this range standout from the crowd.

The two multi-length models offer great versatility. Super Ultegra AX Feeder rods cover a wide range of feeder fishing. Anglers appreciate them for their performance as well as their reliability.

Whether precision casting light feeders, aiming for the far bank or playing hard fighting fish the Super Ultegra AX Feeder is superb. There are five models in the range coving almost all feeder situations. Fitted with Fuji guides and supplied with three quiver tips, the Super Ultegra AX Feeders set the bar high for all competitors.

The Beastmaster DX feeder range has been designed to offer outstanding performance across all feeder disciplines. All Beastmaster DX feeder rods are fitted with Shimano ultra tough Hardlite guides enabling braided main line to be used without fear. The Beastmaster DX range is slim, lightweight and extremely responsive, making it perfect for top match anglers who want the best actions available.

With a variety of rods in the range, all with contrasting actions, there is a rod available to cover almost all feeder fishing requirements. Each rod is supplied with three quiver tips balanced to the action of the rod. Available in a wide range of lengths to cover almost all feeder fishing, all Aernos models have excellent fish-playing actions. The long range models have a new design taper and longer handles which produces massive casting power in the butt section for extra distance performance.

The multi-length models feature a short extension for extra casting versatility. Also available are two telescopic models which are easy to transport made-up ready to fish. Available in Light 3.

The XT30 plus Geofibre blank is fitted with Hardlite guides and is supplied with two interchangeable tips. Unlike many cheaper rods the Alivio feeder also has a quality cork handle. These rods are light and very easy to use, which also makes them the perfect and logical choice for anglers looking to get acquainted with the feeder style fishing.

They come with 3 quiver tips to help detect even the most cautious bites. The principle behind the Winkle Picker is very simple, the short length, combined with strength in the lower part of the rod, casts medium feeders with lots of control and accuracy. The ultra fine quivertips are designed for maximum bite detection.

Winkle Pickers also make excellent rods for larger than average carp on Commercial waters, where the extra strength in the butt section gives great fish-playing control. Small, often man-made lakes, full of small and medium sized carp, are easy places to fish, but by using the correct methods and tackle the fishing is often spectacular.

A lot of the fishing is done using the Method feeder or with larger Pellet Wagglers designed for large baits like pellets and boilies. These rods have been developed in the UK and are designed for catching small and medium sized carp.

Because a lot of the fishing is done at close range less than 30 metres they all have parabolic fish-playing actions which absorb the power of the fight to prevent unnecessary fish losses.

This is very important when the fish are close to the net and make their final dash for freedom. Available for both feeder and float fishing the balance of these rods is quite remarkable. All of the Feeder models can be used with small and medium Method feeders and the float rods are perfect for Pellet Waggler fishing. This means they can be transported with the reel in position and the rod ready to fish.

Whichever model you choose, the one thing that you can guarantee when using the Shimano Commercial rods is a lot of fun and plenty of action! The progressive through action design of the range means that hooks pulls are reduced at close range and casting accuracy is greatly increased. Beautifully designed graphics and hard wearing Fuji guides create a rod that not only looks great but will also never let you down.

Each model in the range has been designed to provide optimum performance for match and pleasure anglers alike. There are three float and three feeder models to choose from. All have forgiving fish-playing actions and offer versatile performance, backed by one of the biggest brands in fishing. A Shimano Super Slik finish delivers effortless shipping in all weathers, Aero Joint reduces wear and sticking, and Reinforced Joint dramatically reduces wear of the joints used the most – especially on the number 3 and 4 sections.

Rated to 20 elastic, making it suitable for match carp fishing, the Aspire Ultra has wide bore tips which require little or no cutting back to fit fine and medium elastics and a package to match any on the market. The Super Ultegra is for anglers who want a true all round match pole that will beat others at twice the price. Even at full length it has balance and poise and it instils confidence when a big match winning weight is in front of you.

With an excellent package suitable for all venues, from commercials using heavy elastic up to a size 20, to canals using number 2 elastics, the Super Ultegra offers outstanding value. CX The Exage is a true all rounder with enough power to handle commercial fishery carp, combined with the finesse required to build a catch of roach or skimmers on a canal or lake.

A truly outstanding pole for the money, with a spares package to match. Designed using Shimano Gen Z Concept, the Technium is strong enough for carp with heavy elastics, but light and stiff enough for all general fishing.

The perfect allround pole with plenty of hidden strength. Featuring Shimano Safety Zone strengthening and Ultra Sound Sanding the Beastmaster Margin is one of the toughest poles available and perfect for margin and close range work. Built with XT60 carbon with Biofibre and with an unmistakeable finish, the Beastmaster Margin Extreme is the ultimate margin power pole that you can trust when the pressure is on.

Belgian fishing specialists and Shimano engineers worked closely together to develop the perfect pole needed to land the biggest carp. Featuring Diaflash construction for added strength, this pole can make all the difference when it comes to netting fish quickly in competitions.

This 9. The Solstace F1 is specifically designed for F1 carp fishing. The 9. XT40 and Biofibre construction make this an extremely strong pole.

Perfect for match anglers across Europe, the Super Ultegra comes as a set, enabling you to fish at many lengths with floats from 0. The fine solid carbon tip blends perfectly into the next section for a superb playing action when larger fish are hooked. Using a spinning rod and small lures in lakes and rivers, or fishing for sea trout on the banks of the Baltic sea, the methods open to anglers is wide reaching.

Fishing for sea trout, brown trout or rainbow trout requires different kinds of rods in order to present the wide range of lures in the best way. Shimano has a great variety of different rods, for all kinds of trout fishing, in a wide range of price categories to ensure that no matter what your preferred method, or budget, there is model that is perfect for your requirements.

AX Designed in cooperation with the Shimano Italian Trout Fishing Team, the Super Ultegra is the ultimate competition trout range, which covers all fishing conditions and venues.

The thin, partially varnished butt section is easy and comfortable to hold during fishing, keeping a constant grip even when having slippery hands and reducing fatigue.

With the totally new Aernos range, which includes 11 models, Shimano offer the widest range available for Tremarella style trout fishing.

These rods are not only light and slim, but look great too. Whether fishing the lightest action 0, or the heaviest action 9, the sensitive tip will help you catch more fish. Ultralight Pac Bay guides and Shimano reel seat complete the package. We firmly believe the value for money in this series of rods is truly amazing.

The entry level Vengeance Trout has been designed for commercial lake trout fishing and offers outstanding value for money, making it perfect for new anglers or experienced anglers who only fish for trout occasionally. The tough XT 30 blank with Geofibre gives safety when catching large fish and is fitted with a Shimano reel seat and Hardlite guides. Finished with the stunning Vengeance cosmetics this rod range not only looks good, it fishes superbly too.

This makes it lighter, stronger, more responsive and very shock resistant. The rod has a parabolic action, ideal for trout or zander fishing with spinning or float fishing techniques, with casting weights across the range of up to 40grams giving it unrivalled versatility.

The sensitive tip action can make a big difference between hooking a fish and missing a bite, as early bite registration helps strike before the fish is alarmed. This well balanced range is built on a slim XT30 blank with a slim ergonomic reel seat and comfortable cork handle. The special action of the rods allows the best possible bait presentation for catching trout in commercial lakes.

Built on responsive XT40 carbon blanks with added Geofibre. Shimano telescopic rod design is modern, lightweight, strong, with high quality fittings, stunning cosmetics and innovative construction techniques.


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The Aero X1 range offers some of the best quality rods available in their price class, unbelievably slim yet crisp and responsive in actions. The Aernos commercial is a new member of the commercial rods family and positioned in the low-mid price range. A stunning range of feeder rods that not only perform well but look superb, quality which surpasses price.

The Alivio range is made up of competitively priced feeder rods available in light, medium and heavy versions. One of the biggest selling commercial rod ranges of all time has just been seriously updated. If you fish commercial waters then this is the only rod range for you. Homepage Feeder rods. Lengths 2. Aero X1 The Aero X1 range offers some of the best quality rods available in their price class, unbelievably slim yet crisp and responsive in actions.

Grip EVA. Lengths 3. Rod Type Feeder. Blank Material XT Lengths 2,44m – 3,35m. Aernos Commercial The Aernos commercial is a new member of the commercial rods family and positioned in the low-mid price range. Grip CORK. Lengths 2,70m. Lengths 2,74 – 4, Lengths 2,40m – 2,70m. Lengths 3,35m – 3,66m – 3,96m – 4,20m. Alivio CX Feeder The Alivio range is made up of competitively priced feeder rods available in light, medium and heavy versions.

Lengths 2,44 – 3, Beastmaster CX Commercial One of the biggest selling commercial rod ranges of all time has just been seriously updated.


Shimano catalogue English by Shimano Europe BV – Issuu

We call this technology the HardBody-Z Concept. This soft parabolic rod minimizes the resistance when the zander takes the bait and also improves the playing experience. With a powerful retrieve ratio of 4.


Feeder fishing rods.Shimano catalogue English by Shimano Europe BV – Issuu

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Alivio CX Feeder. The Alivio range is made up of competitively priced feeder rods available in light, medium and heavy versions. COMPARE. Beastmaster CX Commercial. One of the biggest selling commercial rod ranges of all time has just been seriously updated. If you fish commercial waters then this is the only rod range for you. QUICK SPECS. Incorporating exciting concepts like Hagane Gear, G-Free Body, CI4+, X-Ship, CoreProtect, and the totally new Magnumlite Rotor which allows a super light feel when you turn the handle, the new Stradic CI4+ is built to last.

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