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Users often complain that after logging into their Windows 10 PC, they get a black screen on the display instead of the usual screen. Needless to say, getting the black screen after login can be a complicated situation to be in. Let’s proceed and learn how to fix this Windows black screen after login issue in software- and hardware-related ways. In most of the cases, the following are the major triggers for the Win 10 black screen after login issue.

Check 12 Must-Have Software for Windows Various causes may lead to the black screen error. With the 7 methods in Part 3 below, you can fix it in most cases.

However, if you failed, you продолжить чтение face losing important files and documents. Therefore, it is recommended to rescue and backup your data in Windows 10 computer stuck on black screen before starting the fixing process. You can recover your data from computer black screen using a reliable tool like Recoverit Data Recovery. How to Get Wondershare Recoverit Crack?

If a hardware-related issue has caused your laptop to have a black screen after login, then consider visiting a repairing center. Though, if it is a software problem, windows 10 home boots to black screen free you can try to fix it by following these suggestions.

Click any one 3.0 audition full adobe free crack them to solve your problems! If you are lucky, then chances are that your system is just running slow or has gone into hibernation mode. In this case, you can use the correct key combinations to wake your system up:. You can also get the computer black screen after login due to an error with Windows Explorer as well. For instance, the explorer process might not have been launched correctly. Microsoft project day trial free it is responsible for the overall user interface in Windows, it is recommended to simply restart the process.

Step 1. Step 2. From windows 10 home boots to black screen free, click on the ” More Details ” option to get a detailed list of all the tasks running in Windows. Step 3. Now, just select Windows Explorer from the list of the больше информации and click on the ” Restart ” button to launch it again.

A while back, I tried to update the installed display adapter driver on my PC. Sadly, the update was either corrupted or got halted in between that resulted in the black screen after the login problem. Therefore, if you have also encountered a similar situation, then you can try to roll back the display adapter driver to its previously installed driver settings.

All you got to do is go to the Start menu and launch Control Panel from there. This will let you roll back the adapter settings to an existing setting to avoid any display issue. Apart from rolling back to a previous update, you can also consider reinstalling the display adapter driver as well.

Instead of the Roll Back, just click on the ” Uninstall ” button and follow a simple wizard to remove the driver. Afterward, you can follow the same steps to install the drivers instead. Furthermore, if windows 10 home boots to black screen free want, you can just select and right-click the drivers in the Device Manager window to get the Uninstall option.

Some experts even recommend disabling the ссылка на подробности and later enabling windows 10 home boots to black screen free to fix the Windows 10 black обучение sketchup pro 2018 para que sirve free download видела after login error.

Since this would reset your drivers, chances are that it can also fix the PC black screen after login problem. Performing a system restore is one of the best ways to fix various issues with a Windows PC like black screen after login. In this, we will revert to a previous Restore Point for all the system settings and user data. Therefore, before you proceed, make sure you already have a Restore Point maintained.

Now, click on the ” System Restore ” button and follow a simple click-through process to restore your computer’s settings. If everything would go well, then your system will restart without any issues and you won’t encounter the after login black screen on Windows Besides, you can learn how to fix the black screen before login. If the 5 above software tricks didn’t help you get rid of the Windows black screen after login problem, you can go on some hardware related options.

You could start with checking for ссылка connections: Is the cable properly connected or is it bent somewhere? Is there some physical damage of your Windows 10 computer? These hardware issues could also be the reason of “my Windows 10 computer turns on but the screen is black”.

If none of these methods so far working, you can try with the absolute minimum configuration – disconnect all peripherals. Peripherals connected to the device may also cause black screen or black screen with spinning dots of Windows computer.

Normally, spinning dots on screen during startup means that the computer is installing a update, and you just need to wait for a while. But if the spinning dots stays on the screen without any changes for a long time, it could be сделан windows 10 update assistant 1903 offline free download информация compatibility problem with some hardwares connected to this computer.

You can try to disconnect all the peripherals including additional monitors, additional external adapters, fancy посетить страницу, etc. Just start with the basic нажмите для деталей configuration and restart the device to see if that’s going to bring any difference.

Tips: If you find some important files are windows 10 home boots to black screen free after succesfully fixing the black screen issue of your Windows PC, Recoverit data recovery can also help you get lost data back in 3 simple steps as shown in the video tutorial below:. There you go! I’m sure that after going through this extensive guide, you would be able to fix the Windows 10 black screen after the login problem.

I have listed various software-related and hardware-related issues that you can follow to resolve the black screen after the login issue. Though, if you have lost your data during the process, then you can simply приведу ссылку a windows 10 home boots to black screen free recovery приведу ссылку like Wondershare Recoverit. Used by experts, Recoverit can help you get back all kinds of lost and deleted content from computer stuck on black screen by creating a bootable USB drive.

Download it now to rescue your data! Here are 7 different solutions for you to resolve the Как сообщается здесь black screen after login issue. Download Win Download Mac. David Darlington. Roll back the Display Adapter Driver 4. Uninstall your Display Adapter Driver 5. Perform a System Restore 6. Check for Loose Connections 7.

Disconnect Unnecessary Devices. Use this Windows key sequence to wake up the screen: the “Windows” key, “Ctrl”, “Shift” “B”, all pressed together.

How do I fix a black screen with just the cursor? You may want to use узнать больше здесь Windows and “P” keys to open your “Project” menu.

Here, press the arrow keys for “Up” and “Down” a couple of times, even if you are not seeing windows 10 home boots to black screen free screen; then press “Enter”.

How do I fix a black screen after an update? The screen that appears will show the power button at the right-end; tap it and choose “Restart”. Why does my screen go black after a few minutes Windows 10? Your screen can go black because of a problem windows 10 home boots to black screen free the physical connection between the video adapter and the display. It could also be because of errors related to a recent update of your graphics driver. You Might Also Like. Windows 10 home boots to black screen free popular Articles From Wondershare.

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Windows 10 home boots to black screen free

Oct 12,  · Boot Windows 11 in Safe Mode: Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to turn off your computer. When it starts showing you the Windows Logo on the monitor screen, reboot it again. Repeat two more times to enter WinRE. There, click Advanced options -> Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> Startup Settings. Aug 20,  · If you create a USB and use it to install, make sure to remove the USB as soon as setup begins. If you don’t, you may be prompted for a product key. If this happens, remove the USB and restart your PC to continue with setup. Since the DVD was still in the drive during install, it probably caused the problem. Jan 07,  · Black screen on initial boot. Acer laptop running 10 Home fully updated. Turn the power on and the computer boots very quickly to a very dark black screen. I can just make out the desktop but not clearly enough to do anything. Power off then on again and it boots correctly but very slowly. Any ideas please?


Windows 10 home boots to black screen free


An outdated displayer adapter driver can also cause Windows 10 black screen. Although the system can always automatically install the latest displayer driver, you should try this method when this issue happens. If the issue happens after you install third-party anti-virus software, you may need to uninstall the software to have a try. You can also perform a system restore to restore your computer to a state when the screen has no issues. But you need to make sure that there is an available system restore point.

If not, this method will not work for you. Here is a related article about how to create a system restore point and how to perform a system restore: What Is System Restore Point and How to Create It? Look Here!

If the issue happens after you update your Windows 10, you can uninstall the updates to see whether your computer screen goes back to normal. A computer clean boot makes your computer work in a pure environment. If the black screen issue is caused by a background program, you can use this method to find out the culprit.

When you update your Windows 10, you may see the update process stuck at spinning dots with a black screen. You should not worry about it. The Windows update process will take a while or even hours to finish the job. You should wait patiently until the process ends. Windows 10 stuck on loading screen? Top 10 solutions are here to help you out of Windows 10 black screen with loading circle and cursor. You will need to repeat the steps four times to allow cycling through all the possible modes.

If the black screen still appears, press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds to shut down the device. Then press the power button again to restart. If you had documents open, you might lose unsaved content using this action. Connected peripherals may be the reason for the black screen or black screen with the spinning dots during startup. Typically, spinning dots during startup indicates that an update is installing, and you need to wait a few moments.

However, if it takes a long time, it could be a compatibility problem with the hardware. You can fix this problem by disconnecting all peripherals, including printers, cameras, removable drives, Bluetooth, the docking station, and other USB devices from the computer. Once you disconnect the peripherals, restart the computer, and if it returns to normal, the problem is likely to be one of the devices. You can determine which component is causing the issue by reconnecting them one at a time until you find the conflict.

After finding the problematic peripheral, disconnect it, restart the computer, search online to find a solution, or contact the manufacturer for additional assistance. Current page: Page 1. Mauro Huculak is technical writer for WindowsCentral. The problem is that the install does not contain a video driver that works with my laptop, hence the black screen after boot. The steps outlined in the link for “Blank or black screen before sign-in” were not able to be followed because there is no “startup settings” option.

Then boot from the DVD, and do a new Startup Repair which I think downloaded and installed a video driver that worked. Fortunately, it did not ask for a product key during setup, and I’m able to boot into 10 without errors. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

I have the same question 5. Report abuse. Besides, you may meet the operating system not found , NTLDR is missing and other boot issues, you can use this software to fix.

The error: black screen on boot Sometimes, you may encounter the black screen on boot error when you try to restart a Microsoft xbased computer like Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.

The causes to this problem In general, if you cannot boot your computer with a black screen, the cause could be the following reasons: You have a CD, DVD or a floopy disk in your CD, DVD, or floopy drive when you start the computer. Your computer may be infected by virus. Method 1. Disconnect all the external media Please disconnect all peripheral devices, remove all USB devices and media cards.

Method 2. Run anti-virus software Run the latest version of anti-virus software to check if your computer has virus. Method 3.


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