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Comics Price Guide was the first online price guide for comic books back in From our humble beginnings, we have grown to the largest, most complete comic book price guide with well over 1,, comics in our database. We have values for any Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Darkhorse, or Dell comic book that is in your collection. While our comic book price guide is great, there is a faster way to get an accurate price for your comic book collection. Our FREE online appraisal system will give you a price for your entire collection. This isn’t just an estimated price. We use an exclusive A.I. price tool that taps into the databases of the largest online comic book. Overview. ComicBase, the world’s leading comic book management software program, is now available at its most affordable price ever— free. The ComicBase’s Free edition is the simplest way to track collections of up to comics and includes data on over one million comic listings. It also comes with all the basic features that have made ComicBase the leading program in .


British comic books worth collecting and scanning | Microform Imaging


Special Advertisement — Mobile. Welcome Message Welcome to the best website for buying and selling bronze age , silver age and golden age collectible comic books and original comic book art.

If you are thinking about selling your comic collection, call us first. Silver Age. Hello and thank you for your feedback. Key Collector Comic’s goal has always been to provide a limited set of “Key” Comics and not an all-inclusive database.

You can read more about what we consider a Key on our FAQ page. EDIT 2 – Back to two stars. Keeps crashing again. After posting these issues here, I received a response, and, sure enough, after the latest update, everything works GREAT. Really appreciate the customer service there. Great resource for collectors, researchers, historians, etc.

It seems as if there is a bug which affects hybrid apps on Android devices. When a user has any kind of settings turned on within the “Accessibility” settings on their phone performance issues arise.

Do yours look like these? Prices on these rare Golden age comics can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand depending on the condition.

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Adventure comics are usually very desirable as well. War themed comics are always popular. Horror comics are HUGE! Avid comic collectors are attracted to the outlandish and outrageous, as well as the monstrous.

Everybody loves Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and the rest of the gang! Funny animal and kiddie comics are a hit or miss. However, it seems that most collectors have begun to look in other directions. Western themed comics also used to be more popular than they are nowadays. Here are a few more examples of Golden Age comic books. Tip: Golden Age books tend to be wider than silver and bronze. Recent Comics Auction Highlights.

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Comic book collectors uk free


Sell My Comic Books helps you sell comic books you have inherited, bought, or found in your home for the maximum return. If you’ve stumbled across a treasure trove of comics, then Sell My Comic Books is a great place to find out what you have. Use our articles to identify and value the comic books in your collection, or let us do the hard work for you with a free appraisal.

When you want to sell comics FAST, then we should be your first point of contact. The fact they are over-size just adds to the drama of the pieces. Kirby was hired by Ruby-Spears in to work on Thundaar the Barbarian. The body of work includes extensive heroes and villains, spaceships, cars, gadgets and buildings.

The archive is dominated by over-size Kirby pencils. Some of the pieces have been inked by other artists, and a portion of the collection was also colored by other artists. Owner Josh Nathanson said: “ComicLink is delighted to have been chosen by Sell My Comic Books as their partner for bringing this incredible collection to market. This is a fantastic opportunity for collectors of Jack Kirby art to acquire never-before offered original work by the King himself.

More than 56 boxes of comics, from Golden Age to Silver Age, with multiple copies of many key issues, and runs of super-scarce Suspense and Horror comics. We are delighted to have helped the original owner’s family to find a new home for the collection. Here is the testimonial from his nephew:. Expertly handled my Uncle’s estate collection by: Scott, New Jersey. Let me begin by saying, when I became in charge of handling my uncle’s lifetime comic collection after he passed away, I was purely an “average comic fan” at best.

I had no idea where to begin or where the task would take me. I had over 12, comics 50 long boxes , tons of stuff graded and not, and all the classics. I happen to stumble across Sean and Ashley’s site during my inventory phase and was instantly struck, not only by their knowledge, but how they could relay that information to me and have it make sense. Without them ever knowing, they were instrumental in helping me wrap my head around the collection and seeing its great value and potential.

When it came time to finally take in offers I felt it only right to include them, and I was so happy I did. They approached the collection with the respect and dignity I know my Uncle would have desired. I received numerous offers on the collection, but no one really approached the process like Sean and Ashley. I never once felt uncomfortable with them, from our initial emails, to the hours they spent surveying the collection on the purchasing day. I felt they were always honest and upfront with me.

Their offer was the best offer for us in the end, not just because of the money we received but also because of how comfortable they made my whole family feel during this process.

Stumbling across their site was the absolute best thing that happened to me. I received a very respectable offer and I left knowing that my uncle’s lifetime collection of comics had gone to a group of guys who truly loved comics the way he loved them. I cannot recommend this company enough. Whether you are just looking to appraise or sell a couple comics or your uncle’s lifetime collection lands in your lap, Sean and Ashley will absolutely give you and your comics the honesty and respect they deserve.

Less than 50 of these known in the world! Here’s a copy of All-American Comics 16 we just acquired. Sorry for the bad hair day This saved so much time than I thought would be necessary, as comics are not anything I have background in dealing with. They were very upfront with me during the process of selling my comics to them. I would definitely use them again and will refer everyone to them.

I’m a busy media professional and wanted to start selling my comic collection; it was time to let it go. I knew a brick and mortar store wouldn’t give me what I wanted and eBay takes a lot of time and energy. Ashley gave me terrific offers on some highly sought after items and I pulled the trigger. I was worried to sell to someone with a web business, but his procedure made me feel at ease. Ashley is a straight shooter and quick to respond to emails; again, being a busy person, this means a lot.

I would conduct business with him again in a heartbeat. I accidentally shipped him a comic that wasn’t part of our final agreement, and he did not screw me over but gave me an awesome price for that too.

Click here to Sell Your Comics Today! We unearthed this never-before-offered copy of Action Comics 7. Only the second time Superman appeared on a comic book cover. To see the fastest way to sell old comic books, click here. Here is a list of all our comic price guides. Alternatively, use the search box at the top of every page to find what you’re looking for. We have created a “who’s who” of rare comic books. Simply scan through the covers.

If you see any of them in your collection, WOW! You’re in the money. Contact us immediately and we’ll figure out the best way to maximize your return! Don’t see any of the rare comics we listed in the gallery? Don’t worry. These are the crown jewels of comic book collecting, and don’t turn up very often. We can still identify, and value , anything else you may have found. Read on to discover more ways to identify your find. That still could be good news.

Superhero comic books published before are generally strong sellers, even if they’re not in perfect shape. Let us know what you have. We’ll help you identify its value and give you the best price, if you wish to sell. Or read our free, online comic book price guides, focusing on each character, to determine their current market value.

The majority of comics people find in their attic or basement, at an auction, storage unit, or garage sale are published by Marvel or DC. Marvel Comics are most famous for the huge budget superhero movie characters:.

DC Comics are best-known for some very long-running and famous characters:. If you want to sell comic books published by Marvel or DC, then please contact us for help in appraising them. Many of the most valuable comic books feature the first appearance of some superhero or super villain. When you come to sell comic books, you may find that dealers tend to price only your key books.

Check out our growing database of issue-by-issue guides to first appearance prices here. This should give you an advantage before you sell comic books. Check out our list of comic book publishers. We added covers for each publisher, so you can see what’s what. Most likely, these were published by EC Comics. The ickier the better! Our top 60 horror comic books page has the best of them. EC’s gross stories and edgy artwork led to the introduction of the Comics Code Authority, which effectively censored comic books from the s onwards.

So, if your books have decapitation, drug use, severed limbs etc. Send us details of what you have , and we’ll help you sell comic books to horror collectors. The majority of these were published by Dell , or Gold Key. The average “find” of western comics is usually in really beaten-up shape, but if you find ones that look almost as new be really objective about this — see our article on comic book grading for more info , then it’s worth getting in touch.

It’s hard to sell comic books with a Western theme unless they are in top shape. They are not very popular these days. Some of the most valuable comic books have covers by artist Matt Baker.

War comics are a very specialist field. Most of the old ones were read many times by soldiers, and they are extremely hard to find in really fine condition. If you’ve found a collection of war comics, let us know and we’ll do a free comic book appraisal for you.

Really, a very difficult question to answer without seeing it in person, but condition is everything in comics.

A “little crease in the corner” is a big deal. Sorry to say, most people’s idea of what a mint comic looks like is simply not accurate. Read our article on comic grading to understand just how finicky comic book collectors are about condition, and see sample photos of what each grade looks like.

These tend to be the 1 of a series, the first appearance of a famous character or villain, the death of a character, the “origin” of somebody how they got their super powers, how Batman’s parents were killed and inspired him to fight crime, etc.

Sometimes, crossovers when one comic book hero enters the story of another are more valuable, because instead of one group of collectors seeking them out, now there are two.

This phenomenon was best illustrated by the Avengers movie of The effect that superhero movies have on comic book prices is extreme. We’ll talk about this in individual articles.

If you want to know any vintage comic book values, get in touch with a list of what you have , and we’ll do our best to help. That’s fine.

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