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PH SR7 > MacMini+Uptone MMK Mod > Audirvana > re-clocked D-LInk JPLAY Femto, Roon Bridge, MinorityClean) / Matrix Audio Element H. Free audio player pine player on mac can do flack and even has some neat no explanation for what it does is something called JPLAY FEMTO. Audirvana is another option that isn’t cheap (there is a day free trial), but the sheer Among other features, JPLAY FEMTO includes a Hibernate mode.


The 4 best high resolution audio players – Accurate Reviews


This app also supports VST3 plugins. Whether you want to add a touch of EQ or view your favorite songs through a spectrum analyzer, this can be handy for audiophiles.

Audirvana is another option that isn’t cheap there is a day free trial , but the sheer power of the app may make it a price worth paying. One of the most popular music players for Windows, Foobar is practically a household name. The interface is a little dated, but this app is fast, configurable, and perhaps most importantly, free.

While it’s not the only free player on this list, it is the only one that resembles a traditional lightweight media player. Once the component is installed, this becomes an even more powerful audio player. This information is especially handy if you already know and love Foobar Download : Foobar Free. Jriver is software that tries to do many things for a lot of people.

Fortunately, it seems to do a good job at almost everything it aims to do. There are several features here that seem obvious but are lacking in other players. One example is the optional audiophile-grade crossfeed. The developers say this makes listening on headphones sound more natural and less fatiguing, since it’s more like what you’d hear from speakers in a room.

While most examples of hi-res music player software focus on sound quality alone, Roon focuses on something else. The developers say that something has been lost in the transition to digital music. To bring back the feeling of engagement you’d get from poring over liner notes, Roon aims to present a searchable magazine of your music.

Roon doesn’t just apply this technique to music stored on your computer. It can do this to music played from a local NAS or even streamed from Tidal as well. If music isn’t a background activity to you but something you want to engage in, Roon may be worth trying there’s a free trial. If you proudly declare yourself an audiophile to anyone who will listen, this may be the perfect software for you.

Developed by self-described “fanatical audiophiles,” this software aims to optimize everything to deliver the audio signal from the source to your DAC in the highest quality possible. Like Hysolid, this isn’t a player. Instead, it’s a server. Once it’s up and running, you can use it with any UPnP-compatible app or hardware. This aims to reduce background noise created by your PC.

The difference this makes is truly amazing. I tried the Fidelizer Pro this morning. First impression is that the sound is richer and more natural, it seems that the noise floor has decreased. I am happy with what I heard. My computer is an industrial 4 core Intel 8watts laptop RAM, in a fanless case. The signal wire is all copper ribbon wire, 2 inches wide for speaker cables. First I thought the bass diminished a fair bit, and tightened it up a lot.

I thought the horrible muddy sound in the bass was from my room modes. Obviously, it was not just that, for as I listened further the bass was now revealed with the rest of the music. The bass became more controlled and articulate, I could hear the skin of the drum in the bass sound. My speakers are isolated on springs, and are without a doubt the best engineered item in my system, they measure very well both electrically, and sonically on and off axis.

Fidelizer turned my computer into a real music server, and what I thought was a pretty good sound stage revealed so much more going on in the recording. Yeah well, the pages have opened for my music. I have reasonably good hardware, just needed to get the software, now room treatment!

Your program is the very first computer enhancer I have tried, with MinorityClean. Thank you so much for a product that delivers! For the same cost as my speaker springs, it does about the same in revealing the music!

Time almost stood still; I listened to music for about 2 hrs straight and it seemed like 10 minutes went by. Just to qualify myself, Im a pro musician and sound engineer most of my life, having worked in and around hollywood CA studios for almost 30 years, up until just a few years ago.

Thank you Keetakawee, Your program is the best!. Fantastic improvement all round.! I should have done this years ago. Shall venture to Purist level and beyond when braver with use.

The quality of sound from my laptop is simply awesome. High praise to you!! Best Regards to you and stay safe. First off, while playing music sounds fantastic. Resolution is increased, imaging is much better, soundstage bigger and deeper. Things sound more natural in general. Thank you for providing a product that helps me eliminate this extra noise from the system, it has been a problem for me for a long time.

Just had my first 2 hours with Fidelizer pro. I enjoyed listening more; it was more worth it. I can creep deeper into the recordings; closer to the source. Red book comes closer to DXD. Like so many already wrote: the investment is really worth it. Thank you for doing the math so we can enjoy the music. Fidelizer works really, really well here. I am surprised at how much hash disappeared. A much more relaxed natural sound, but the best is the sound stage.

Another way of saying it is that the holographic sound I already had is now intensified. Hope that makes sense. Am actually amazed at how good the Digione is. I compared Core Isolation and Processor Priority settings and have preferred default settings. One thing I have say, the tweaks is worth a buy. Music is organic, natural, dimensional and crispy clear with darker background.

I have never heard any other tweaks closer to this both on Windows and Linux. A cheapest computer with this tweak can replace transports that cost several thousands. Awesome job! The software installs and works flawlessly on my Windows server R2 machine. The sound quality is excellent as ever. Thank you for a quick delivery.

Thanks again. Hallo, thank you for your greatest support. Fidelizer works now very well and i get a much better Sound. New Fidelizer significant improvement over previous iteration. Wish I were still doing reviewing. Thank you for the refund! Loving it and this new one is for an audio specific PC. Really getting close to CD transport quality. Just cant bare to listen with out it now! It sounds even more analog with new x chipset and Ryzen 5 CPU.

Mids seem to be more detailed, and listening is definitely more relaxed…. Lower noise floor, more details and increased soundstage. Big thank you!! Thank you for your quick reply, I believe I am already very impressed with the result, your program works and sounds great, especially with the master tapes on Tidal, it is really audible..

The result surprises me. Sound is really better! Much more details, precision and dynamics…Thank you for all. So I know it already makes a meaningful difference.

I suspect that may be a very good solution for my needs. Seems like the core isolation does some good things to further improve the clarity of music playback. All in all, Fidelizer is a superb tool to improve the total quality of playback through my PC and Windows and well worth the money. My Pianoteq is performing much better than before!

For me Fidelizer is super! Hi Keetakawee. I just want to say that I am extremely happy with your product. What made even more happy was to find the cics mode in the profile. Thank you many times! Really impressive and very solid improvements in my SQ. Thanks a lot! Thanks sooooooo much!! Keetakawee, your Fidelizer on this system brings really a huge improvement, much more I could appreciate on the old tablet. Sounds really great. Awesome, thanks!

The results blew me away and gives a punchy new life to my Yamaha analogue stereo and lastly TV to line in. Smooth digital sound analog lifelike presence. Never knew there was so much recorded detail that I was not hearing. Streaming music W10, Asus, Nvidia x a bit of overclock. Headphone line out to stereo line in. One year in now learning about mixing, binaural, ambisonic formats with degree surround sound. I found immersive presence but everything was lacking fidelity.

Problem is solved by Fidelizer Pro. Good info on forums on audiofile. It is nice to still be able to purchase things without getting ripped off and I do thank you for that. I have installed your software and have been having an extended listen to it in fact the the first thing I started was a harpsicord recording of Purcell harpsicord suites and what a delight it was with your new software in place.

Hapsicords ha a lot of treble energy which can be very tiresome with extended listening but I have to say that it was really well behaved and I listened to the whole file with no fatigue so it will be very welcome to me.

I hope to get a more balanced listening test soon and I shall tell you how I am getting on. Thank you Keetakawee. You achievements with Fidelizer is nothing than astonishing. Big bow and for your product and your dedicated customer support. It will pay off one day. I freaking love your Fidelizer. Less laggy even though when booted up, Fidelizer running and it took a few seconds than I used to. This is just Awesome!

I paid for your Pro version blindly as I witnessed how great the DX performed. Sure enough I was not disappointed! In fact, I had always been desiring and craving for something that can stream YouTube better, and this is spot on! Only this feature is worth the money, let alone other improvements from HQPlayer app and so on.

I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful software! Since I started doing this conversion, and while I have a powerful server, other processes and programs would sometimes interfere and cause skipping and stuttering during playback.

Track switching is faster now as well. The result of the Upgrade from Fidelizer 7. The separation of the instruments is better, the voices are clearer and the bass is stronger. There is no more harshness in the high tones. The music is more live than before. Great work. I think the sounding became better: more detalized and more clear. I want to Tell you that Fidelizer 8 for me is the biggest improvdment in sound since i use fidelizer. Its wonderfull. Hope you will go further in the future???. Do you use a Devialet Expert for yourself?

Hello, what did you guys do in version 8. It took my PC to a whole new level in fidelity. Fidelizer 8 is working without any problems and the sound is impressive. I have read the reviews on Nimitra and will contact you later in the year about purchasing a unit. It all works fine now.

Thanks for your support. The sound is amazing. Fidelizer 8. The new interface is brilliant and the configuration is very simple. Though each of these settings has a very obvious impact on audio quality! Albums are selected from within the program by right clicking on the drop down bar to set a target folder. It helps if all the files within the folder are of the same sampling rate and bit depth.

Thanks for all your hard work. So far all is working and sounding great, using the minimal setting. Even my cat feels the change. Again I have to express my gratitude, deep appreciation and respect for your great work. Thank you — I have installed it and its running well, sounds good. My wife no interest in high end audio made the comment about my system sounding exceptionally good today. She has never done that before.

The only change since her last listen was the upgrade to Fidelizer v. It sounds fantastic! Thank you, and have a Happy New Year! My system is as close to audiophile as I can get on a budget. I built the computer using a motherboard which has a Realtek chip on it which can capably do 24 bit, , Hz.

JRiver ais my player app. I used foobar for a long time and one day decided to try JRiver on a whim. JRiver was able to bypass the Windows sound settings completely which foobar was supposed to do and did not and sounded better to me, so I thought it was worth the reasonable investment. I think when foobar was new it was comparable to JRiver in sound, but foobar does not get updated much, and I think JRiver has done a better job of keeping up with the times.

I love reggae music amongst other genres, and just love the sound of the bass from this amp. More note than boom. The biggest investment was my large Mirage speakers, and not only are they very accurate and musical, but they do disappear at higher volume levels as the name implies. Upon inital installation I chose Purist and Audio Player from the wizard, then looked at advanced settings to see your defaults for this setting.

For daily PC use I will use less extreme settings but for serious listening I reboot with serious settings. I left networking on for serious listening breaks.

They are however obviously not as accurate or muscular as the Mirages with the tube amp. With the Mirages and the new version 8. I heard even more distinct vocals, backup vocals, guitars, keyboards and horns, even when when things get musically busy and all were competing for midrange space.

The bass was perhaps even a bit more well behaved than the previous version. The kick drum and bass guitar could each be heard even more distinctly while competing with each other for the woofers.

The improved imaging from the pro versionis new improved, and is another reason I think your creation is well worth the money for anyone who imagines they have a fine ear for sound and music and a music system which can make good or better use of a cleaner source. Now I have to re-listen to my entire music collection.

Thanks so much. I am testing it, right now. I use the Audiophile, Audio Render configuration. The only thing better than your customer service, is the improvements you get in sound quality. Fidalizer 8. Hi, Sound is much better. Great work! Regards Jarek. Thank you very much, my little system is really punching above its weight now. Hi, Keetakawee Received and running well. Much improved in both fidelity and detail than ever, say much more closer to my CD player.

Working well with Roon and HQPlayer. My Layla II reaches more of the power. This works great, like a new player, love the options you have done great work keep it up.

Sq is now close to perfect. Fidelizer plus optimized sq of ao Noticeably. Sound is now concert hall like or hard Rock stage — whatever you like.

I spent some time last night I live in Italy listening on earphones and this morning connecting to my hifi setup. Only one word: Incredible improvement also over Plus Version. Everything more transparent, more focus and more Music! Thank you so much! All right. The difference with the Plus version is very large. Good job. Thank you — I did a bit of listening last night and again this morning.

It sounds tremendous. Many thanks for your time in your responses — I do appreciate it very much. Having said that This new 7. Can it get any better? Could enlighten me a bit on these other software programs are they like fidelzer or a completely different animal.

Keep up the excellent work. And it came by a USB! Thank you so Janos. I will let you know after some serious listening. So far so good. I am impressed. I recently upgraded to 7. I was pretty surprised with the change and just enjoyed everything. There are a couple reasons for this. Fidelizer loads automatically and there is no legitimate switch to easily turn it on or off without uninstalling it, at least as I understand it, and I may be wrong. I buy moderately high end gear and try and get the best from my gear without sitting around trying to pick the fly shit out of the pepper shaker.

I chose to buy Fidelizer after doing some lengthy research. People I respect said positive things about it and I went with it. I am not going to test relentlessly or agonize over the level of improvement. What I do know is when I come home and put my headphones on and turn up some well recorded and engineered music, my smile is very big, and it stays with me a long while. I am happy. I use the laptop for playing music at the cottage I frequent a number of times through the summer.

I must say, this is really an improvement. I run an Altec A7 bi-amplified horn system with single ended triode amplifiers. It is extremely revealing. Solo voice is an extreme test. Your software made an improvement that is startling. I will move on to your best software package shortly.

Only after i run fidelizer free for the first time i realized how tired the sound made me. I was wondering in what other dimensions software could possibly make further improvement to SQ, then i got surprised again mainly because i was expecting something else. Hello My fidelizer Pro Works perfectly. The sound is wonderfull of naturel. Thank you very very much for this program. I use Fidelizer 7. This gives a very natural analog sound. Fidelizer Pro works great for me.

In the first place, I do not want to fiddle with computer settings and this product is easy to use. Tested it in my office free version and in my main system and the improvement in SQ was obvious in both.

I heard improved separation between instruments, a blacker background, and deeper bass rendition. Listened to the Pro version of the software over the weekend. Thanks for the software that provides the finishing touch. Please accept my gratitude and delight! Your product is great! I again listen to my collection of audio recordings and it is a delight! I wish You great success and new developments! Vitaly Kanischev.

Awesome awesome awesome!!! No more annoying drop outs during playback. Music files are on a NAS. The improvements are everywhere. In a few words I would call it more crisp, clear, and transparent. And the upshot is that a fidelized W10 now sounds better than W server. This makes my life easier. Fidelizer has definitely made my system sound much more three-dimensional. Hi Again Dear Keetakawee, I need to say is an honor to say is Amazing Huge Lovely terrific improve when use Fidelizer Plus and really my jaw take the floor, really need to ask you if the pro improve over Plus.

Thanks for your help to down load my software, really thanks a lot. My view is that, besides the main components and interconnects that impart most of the sound characteristics, small tweaks in which I include power cords, power conditioners, etc.

Thanks for the update. I love your program. It has been perfect for my server. What a great idea to maximize the value of what one wants to do with Windows. I listened attentively to my standard comparison recordings for several hours with another Fidelizer owner and we both saw improvements.

It seems to make good work! More air and sweetness. The sound level seems to be lower than before, but i think this is in my mind, because of the softer sound. Similarly as before, the SQ has gained in the volume and quality of bass, better separation of instruments, clarity and depth. Thanks a lot. Best Regards. Fidelizer is great.

The dynamics and musicality have improved significantly. Especially combined with Process Lasso. Thanks for the good work. Thank you brother the sound was very good. Great, thank you. It is unbelieveable how moch better Server sounds. Especially orchestral music.

I received your product, installed it and everything worked fine. I use it on a small Zotac nano — actually the first one they put out about five years ago. The listening experience is phantastic, especially DSD records shine with a deep sound stage and a precise stereo resolution that I have never heard before.

I installed Fidelizer Pro without problems. I am very satisfied with the sound. DAC: Altmann with batterie P. Media player with no network. Media Player is mostly Jplay, sometimes Foobar. Some people tell win10 is the way to go, some people tell win10 sounds bad. Should I upgrad from win7 to win10? Thanks so much for developing this amazing product! Very much appreciated? I really like and trust your software concept.

It makes a whole lot of sense. Nothing special but it sounds great for me. Thank you for your product, which is working wonders indeed. Will have some questiones soon.

Thank you very much again for now. I am running fidelizer plus in win server along with AO optimizer and the final result exceeded my expectations! Fidelizer plus gave to my system a vivid and truthful character, more volume and weight in the lower end, highs without grain, more air and space among the instruments and above all a little touch to transform the bit perfect play back to a highly emotional experience!

Thank you for all these… In case I want to upgrade to pro, do I have to generate a new key or will I use the same?? Everything is working thank you. Is it my imagination or does the digital now sounds more analog like! Again thank you, I just listen to music on headphones, super sound with your program. I had to email you to say a big thanks after spending a few hours listening with only Fidelizer pro on the Audio PC it is without doubt he best my music setup has sounded.

The sound heard now is more and very realistic, I could settle for this sound now? I have had the best listening experience ever with my system. This month I expect Audio Phil will release 2.

But all my friends tell me either get the Fidelizer Pro or the Audiophile Optimizer. The music is so enjoyable that it demands your complete attention with no distractions. While I really enjoyed your free Fidelizer purist mode, the Fidelizer Pro Purist mode is a completely different beast.

I can go to the other side of the house and the clarity gains in the music are still quite evident. But the PLUS! It makes me enjoy the music for itself, never mind the audiophile thing. After downloading the file, I immediately installed it on my audio PC, part of my dual PC audio system. It has worked miraculously and I have found the sound quality of my music system improved drastically. It is far beyond what I expected. Since I started my endeavor of PC-based audiophile journey, I have now come to its near perfection.

Thanks to your state of the art product, I have obtained the most precious sound reproducing system I have ever imagined with such as a low budget.

But… you know, human desire is never ending. Now I feel my craving for even higher level of perfection welling up in me. Sounds really good streaming over Tidal HiFi. I was skeptical, but it is definitely an improvement; smoother, more transparent and analog sounding. Congratulations on your work. Hi, thanks a lot for your hard work! The results are pretty impressive! With much appreciation,Igor. Included Nelly FurtadoThe Ride Tap Dancing and not learned a thing appeared pensive beautiful floating bass in chorus.

I cried when I first heard it. This is so close to LP fidelity. Just amazing! Many thanks, everything works much better, now I can enjoy the music without worrying, everything is in place and the H. Sound analog. You are a genius, thank you very much again.

Thanks Keetakawee, fidelizer works again, great as always-i missed it a lot these few days! It sounds great! Been listening for a few hours now. Thanks for also putting up with me doing things backwards. After installing Fidelizer Pro on my system, I was pleasantly surprised. Before installing it, there was no way to achieve that without interruption. Thank you Keetakawee! I think it is an essential software for PC audio, and one of the most cost-effective investment.

I run my tested and I can approve that it all sounds great and the upgrade from the free version is much noted. Sounds Amazing on my htpc output spdif to my Marantz pre-pro from my Sound blaster x-Fi fatality pro, made a big diffence is the details. Thanks you so much for the product and thank you ahead of time for listening to my questions.

I am simply not able to accomplish my usual listening tests because whatever I am listening to, I keep not wanting to change that song, just keep listening to it. The clarity and presence is so prominent even with my Genius PC speakers. Next weekend I am going to the countryside where my real audiophile system is in an acoustically treated listening room. I can hardly wait. Thanks a lot and congratulations for your product, it deserves the highest rankings. Hello Keetakawee, tried out Fidelizer Pro the last hours in Purist mode.

Realy fine music reproduction. The best I heard ever on my system. Read in the last 2 years many positiv Reviews and they described all changes in audiophile way very well. I can verify everything. Now I will advise my brother to buy Fildelizer also, because I had made him the same Audiocomputer like me. Alt last here is my Computer-Hifi-System. If you have any more recommendations to tune my system I will be very pleased.

Hi, It works very well. ASIO, loading decoded file into memory. PCM up to without changes. All music some tracks and video stored on either of three NAS in local wired network.

I also play vinyls but that is another story. Hello there! Thanks for your work. This small software is really great! The most I like in pro version is autorun on Windows startup. Everything works fine: no lags or hardware conflicts or any other issues.

Very great Fidelizer Plus.. I have compared my system with and without fidelizer. I note that there seems to be a more three dimensional image, cleaner, and correct me if I am wrong: Almost seems like I can turn the vomume down and still hear the details.

Maybe it is a lack of noise. Thank you for a great software. Hope it will impact more on sound quality. Thank you and keep on good work! I have no idea how effective competing software offerings are, but your Fidelizer Pro software program is seriously effective and whose improvements are patently real. I mean, enjoyably real improvements that are not subtle at all.

With the free version of Fidelizer, there were noticeable improvements though mostly subtle in nature. The improvements with JRiver were quite enjoyable. Listening to Tidal, however, was not quite as involving. Performance parameters such as transient response, dynamic impact and musical involvement felt slightly uninvolving. After upgrading to Fidelizer Pro, now listening to Tidal has become quite enjoyable. Now, instead of sounding soft, Tidal sounds satisfyingly dynamic, impactful, and possessing life-like transient detail.

JRiver is noticeably more involving and performing at a level I did not think it could reach. Music from Tidal and JRiver are so much closer to sounding like my CDs being played on a high-end transport, like on a CEC or Esoteric, that I find my listening sessions to last much longer. My fellow audiophile friends have also been keen to pick up on these improvements.

A lower noise floor, noticeable increase in focus and soundstaging, and a warmer, less analytical presentation. A bargain for the cost of Fidelizer PRO!

Purist setting used and machine configuration: Audio Render. Thanks, Keetakawee — I was able to successfully update to the Fidelizer Pro. The music is really sounding amazing, thanks very much. Everything is working great so far and sounds fantastic! Hi Just thought I would drop a email and say a big thank you for Fidelizer Pro. I had used the Free Version of Fidelizer, and l can happily report than Fidelizer Pro gives a further gain in performance.

Put simply, this is the best set up, l have had period. Thank you for the new version. I am really impressed with the difference in sound while using Fidelizer. Thank you very much, the music took on detail and cleanliness. Played by Win 8. I regard good job. I bought the Fidelizer software recently and have to say it definitely makes a difference.

I also found Keetakawee very helpful when I was setting it up. All questions were answered very promptly. I am really loving your software. I really made my system sound alive. Thanks for the file.

Great Sound!!! After a few days of listening to my new configuration, I am happy to inform you that Fidelizer Pro is doing a very good job at optimizing stuff. The sound quality improvement is more than subtle. Phellipe Wattel, the CEO and creator of the software Musichi suite introduced me to your program during High-End Show held in Athens two months ago and I am very pleased and happy with his suggestion.

Thanks for a great product! Tx Man, Difference is night and day. Many believe what happens to the stream before the microRendu is purified by going through the microRendu itself. Thus the theory there is no need for upgraded computers or software to optimize your computer such as WSY2K12v2, AudiophileOptimizer, Fidelizer, etc. As for software optimizations, the Sonore microRendu and Ultracap LPS-1 easily resolve and reveal the improvements they bring to the table.

More blackness, better spatial cues, better defined bass, a significant improvement in every audiophile term. Fidelizer Trial version really makes quite a difference by itself.

Fidelizer Trial improves the musicality of your system. In simple terms, the use of Fidelizer Pro is mesmerizing. Instruments and vocals appear out of a black space. The soundstage extends beyond the perimeter of your listening room both front to back and side to side.

The author of Fidelizer, Keetakawee, deserves your support for a job well done. And one more time. The microRendu is a great piece of kit that can be further enhanced across the network by the use of Fidelizer Pro. I purchased Fidelizer two the other day. I like it with high-quality sound very much. Hi, finally is worth the effort, Fidelizer is rewarding, easy to use and also easy to notice the upgrade, when purist is awesome!.

Also I am done with Foobar, I have nothing against their app as a remote! Only is need now, to install Asio drivers for video player, but this is for tomorrow. I thought Fidelizer were more difficult to use, but I was wrong. Thank you for your message. The software upgrade is fantastic! So I have never been able to enjoy music before!

Thanks for the support! I spend a lot on new cables and other hardware the past month and what a step forward it was to get your software in use at my pc. Foobar is just working so much better with more details and wider stage. It makes a big improvement to the sound quality.

To listen the music without Fidelizer is not good, because I know it from the old PC until he get broken. Just go throught the system then I uninstall the virus software and disable the windows defense. Then hola it works. And so far the result is ver amazing. Thanks for fast responding. Thank you for sending me the download link for my copy of Fidelizer Pro. The result is pretty spectacular. Instruments are clearer and more distinctly separated from each other.

The words that the singer is singing are clearer. Wider and deeper soundstage 5. Interestingly, the PC seems to run faster. I have been tweaking my Computer Audio setup for a few years.

I have been following Fidelizer for the past 2 years in the various forums. Well, if we talk about audio…no. Excuse me. And in an OB system the effect is at least the double than in a traditional 2way system. I have installed the Fidelitzer Pro, everything functions easily.

Effect with Fidelizer Pro Space picture broader and deeper Resolution is better All together very realistic reproduction. For now is all, keep your good work , for me is ripping time LOL? After I allowed it to do its thing I was blown away. Firstly I would like to say I have been using Fidelizer for some time now and moving into the pro version a short while back.

It does everything you say to major sonic advantage. I run many audio systems both Windows and OS X based in my listening room. Hello, thanks for the update. Look forward installing the new version. I was really surprised about the results using the former one.

It sounds better in contradiction to some comparisons to be found in the internet. Thank you for sending a new version of Fidelizer Pro to me. Today I made it sure that this new version software runs correctly in my music PC. Fidelizer brings me a lot of enjoyment in listening to music with its high quality PC optimizations. Running through a Chord 2qute dac it sounds fantastic but im still to make up my find on wasapi or asio???

Hi, My congratulation for your program. It works fine and the improvements are easily audible: mostly I have found a better bass articulation, more overall transparency, and a better depth of image. Best regards,. Thank You, Keetakawee, installation was easy — the sound is absolutely great! The laptop is used for audio only. Just wanted to say the pro version takes everything to the next level, really worth the upgrade!

Still early days but my impressions so far has been very positive. The software works seamlessly and Windows has been stable so far. Having said this, in my warm Unison Research S6 and Harbeth P3esr stereo system coupled by Duelund tinned copper DC16Ga speaker cables I felt the Fidelizer added almost too much texture to already rich midrange and mid-base. Switching to Purist level addressed this adding more air and exposing treble in the sound signature.

Thank you for Your helping! It was very fast. The sound is very good! I was a little worried. Listening and enjoying so far. Thank you so much. Your software is very wonderful. Thanks so much again. The sound is much much better with Fidelizer. Much more open and clearer. Your software clearly and definitely improves recording quality. A lot. Your software is superb even with someone like me installing it.

It sounds so much better than my regular computer. Hi Keetakawee, All I can say is wow, I am in audio heaven. I cannot believe the difference between the free version and the Pro version, it is simply amazing, thank you so much for making Fidelizer Pro work so well.

You are a genius. I wish you a long life and happiness. Regards Kevin Knight. My feeling is a clearer sound and a more precise scene construction. Yes I tried it and it sounds great. Made the sound very clear and detailed. Also took out some of the bass so I had to add more bass on the amplifier. It was strange. But I like it that way. I set it up with the Network Render profile.

The first results are very good altough I need to do some finetuning no easy access to the NAS at the moment. I will let you know. I already hear increased focus and better placement compared to the free version which was an improvement already. Unbelieveable this is possible by managing priorities in the os.

You must be really knowing what you are doing…. I had heard of a few optimizer programs designed to improve computer audio sound, but I was sceptical. After looking around on the web I found an interesting product called Fidelizer. I decided to give it a try for several reasons; it had good reviews, the creator was very active in support of his product, and there was a free version.

It sat on my Windows 10 computer while I attended to other things. However this happy state of affairs did not last long enough to make any conclusions about Fidelizer.

The Air program and Windows 10 stopped working together after a Win 10 update and I could get no music to play via Air over Ethernet. Troubles with Air are common among Devialet owners. So I grudgingly went to the inferior sounding USB input.


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